October 19th, 2005

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~squenix_uni rant of the day~

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Well first it would help if the applicant used the Proper Application. If you are not using the proper application, chances are we will dismiss you right out of hand. After all, we asked for specific information, and it is your responsibility (if you are desirous of playing in Squenix) to submit the proper information that we asked for.

Clearly this post is not enough. Now I know that no submissions will be as bad as this, but really this submission could use alot of work. First of all when you write, a paragraph answer is the norm. 3 to 4 sentances that are formed properly and with care. They have a good grasp on spelling but really we need more information. What distinguishes this Cloud from every other Cloud out there? And keep in mind that the answer "Cloud is my specialty" is not an acceptable answer, especially not with the lack of evidence to back that claim up. Keep in mind that we probably do not know your RP style, and so you have to convince us that we want you to be in our RP community as your applied character. Once again I cannot stress how you should try to impress us, after all getting into squenix_uni is not a right, it is a privledge. (Don't mean to be elitist, and really we are not..)
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


I am not really a girly girly pink type person. But this icon, well I knew I had to have a Vanyel icon, so I started scanning the cover of "Magic's Promise" and I got this.

The song is We are the Champions by Queen. Because I heard that song while I was making the icon, and I was like. YES! Because the song is such a Vanyel song.

This has been my Valdemar Squeeage for the day.
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