October 14th, 2005

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Muse talk~

When I split Hyuga and Citan, it was to suit the purposes for both Mish and I.. because we wanted to pair up Citan and Fei but still have our Hyuga and Sigurd. So it happened. However shortly I realized what a -good- idea. The muses had let me know how -hard- it was to be a duality. I will still write about duality in my writings that has nothing to do with any of the RPs that I am.. but I for one am -glad- that each side can think for themselves. Though ironically enough they have claimed certain things for themselves.. the shoulder length hair style was claimed by Citan and the long hair by Hyuga. (Hey as long as they are happy.. right?). I've noted that Hyuga is the insanely possessive one, Citan not so much. (Though if I were to rank it up, it would be Hyuga, Citan and Jin.. with Jin being the least bit of possessive). And he was gloating this morning over his cup of coffee. I swear, if Jin suffers from Lust as his seven sin, Hyuga's is pride. Citan.. well his seven deadly sin is curiousity.. I know it is not technically a sin but well curiousity -did- kill the cat and Citan has been squicked several times by the exploits of either Jin -or- Hyuga. But back to pride, which Hyuga suffers from... in excess

He wanted to write a fic this morning, but I told him that was mean.. I also told him that he did not -have- to write a fic. Because being a creature of reason (mostly), I pointed out to him several things, among other things that it is mean to rub things in people's face. It is really sad when you have to counsel your muses about this. I think it is his Guardian Angel Training that makes him a trifle ruthless at times.

But he's a Scorpio.. he could take a grudge and hold onto it forever. *rolls eyes* And elate like something fierce. Once again damn Scorpio

So now I am going to send him over to shuufish's C-box, maybe someone can shut him up in there.. eh? *heheh's*
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