October 8th, 2005

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~look for heaven on earth.. see a world more divine.~

I made this while I was drunk.

This song is dedicated to shuufish for introducing me to a song that will forever more be a Sigurd and Hyuga song. I love it. She had a "Space Between" icon so I thought, "I SHOULD TOO" so I did. It's a lovely icon, the picture taken from my beloved "Round Zero" doujinshi (the vertible prize of my doujinshi collection). So yes, it's nice.. I like the colouring on it. Wow, I can never kick out icons like that when I am -sober-. >.>

I really need to work on squenix100 challenge. The next icon I have to do is "Animal". I wonder how I am going to incorperate that. Mmm, that is a mind-bender.

BTW thank you everyone for not making me feel like the only one to be sort of 'meh' at Gackt's voice. I <3 YOU all!

Now to sleep with my hiney. Nini everyone.

"If one drop of virture can somehow survive
From oceans of doubt, all our dreams can arise."

I'm normally pragmatic, but tonight is such a night.. where I believe that dreams really do exist.. and perhaps one day.. love is not so far off. Okay, I am done waxing poetic now.
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~*Me humming incessently the yatta theme this morning*~

Yatta Slash

Everyone discuss this morning. And by Yatta I mean the group of guys dancing around in those fig leaf pants. Alexi inflicted it upon me and I had to wonder how much slash was out there for that. Now... if you are curious to find out what Yatta is.. just google, it'll run into you, don't worry.

P.S: I am not as drunk as I thought I'd be. Forgive any sentimental shit I wrote in my journal. I get like that when I am a trifle drunk. Imagine that, I turn into a sensitive male when I'm drunk.
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