October 6th, 2005

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Public Service Announcement~

Recently I have been getting a few comments to the extent of "Don't delete me if I don't comment please..:" and the thing that makes me wonder is.. why does anyone thing I am going to delete them if I do not receive comments. I am not superficial like that. (Sure I have my bouts of superficiality, but they are meager to say the least..). I will only delete you if YOU DELETE ME FIRST. In which case I figure you do not want to read my entries and so that's all well and good, people change. I realize this.

People, I am not going to delete you if you do not leave comments. Sure a comment is nice once and a while, but hey.. I'm not in it for a popularity contest. Despite being LJ's 13th or 12th (don't know which) popular user.. I just got it because of the algorhythem that they did with all of my friends and interests and all that... not because I actually -do- anything to deserve that popularity. (because really, I -don't-..) so yes, the day you delete me, I'll delete you.. and not a second more. (Unless you post that you are never using your journal again.. then I will usually ask permission to take you off.. or if you switch journals.

There. *hugs*

P.S: The Family Guy Made-for-TV-Movie is DAMN funny. I fucking lost it many times.