October 2nd, 2005

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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I woke up with a bad hangover, and on top of that I had dreams that I shouldn't of had. The first one was GREAT, I could of had that one all night. But the second one. No. Absolutely no. I do not want to -dream- about the cock in conjunction with myself.. I do not want a guy sucking on my breasts.. JUST UGH! Maybe it was the blood loss last night that gave me the fucked up dream. I had not one but TWO bloody noses, all of them made me feel like my nose was a faucet and the blood was water. That can explain the feeling of spacyness. My head doesn't hurt and I don't normally get hangovers on plum wine unless we go to Kyoto's.

I made pimp_kitten pancakes today, not just any pancakes but pumpkin pancakes with blueberry syrup. He is a pumpkin freak. That is in honour of October which is his month. He loves it like he loves socks. He would burn every sock that he owned in order to have halloween twice in October.. wait.. that made no sense...he said twice a year now.. but doesn't that mean he -hates- socks. OIYA! Now I am going to whore myself on RO until Mish gets online. Jian is out.. and trying to find APPLE juice for Schala.
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