September 11th, 2005

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Hyu's thoughts on gay marriage~

You know, I think marriage is a wonderful institution. Really I do.

For straight people.

Now to clarify this. I think that homosexual couples are not made for bible-cookie cutter type ideal of marriage that is evidentally what alot of people see it as being. This is not shared by everyone obviously (the opinion that is.. for there are alot of homosexual couples petitioning for legalizing marriage). But I think that marriage -is- a male/woman tradition, and I think what we need to do as the gay/lesbian/bi/trans community needs to do is make our own traditions.. We need to get out there and carve out our own life-partnering traditions and we need to make it legal, something based on marriage but perhaps not exactly.

That way it 1.) does not infringe on 'marriage' like the right wings have bespoken of and 2.) will serve to make them angry because we made something ourselves.. giving them nothing left to defend. (Because really I think they are so used to defending marriage that once they don't have to, they won't know -what- to do with themselves.. the right wingers might throw themselves off a cliff.. or something)

But then perhaps I am not making any sense and perhaps I am talking out of my ass.

This is of course in response to what I read from selphish's journal.. involving the California Marriage Equality Bill.

Comment you if you want.. I do not mind. I suspect I shall be getting alot of comments to this. Also keep in mind this is My opinion on it and I am not going to argue with you if your opinion differs, I am just stating what my thoughts are toward it. Just so that you all know.
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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Advent Children.

I am so not a FFVII person. In fact the only character I remotely liked in VII was Cid. But I will do like everyone else is doing and download it. Because damn it's Square... and I follow the crowd.

Now they need to make an Advent Gears.. and they need to have Hyuga and Sigurd in it. Having alot of sweaty dirty sex.

Okay. I'm done. */heh*
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