September 9th, 2005

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Another year will start to pass..~

Today is the proverbial full day of work. *mehs* And I am feeling perhaps like I do every time this year.. just sort of meh. Ever since my grandmother died, birthdays or celebrations of any sort (Holiday or other) have meant very little to me.. I guess it is because all of my wonderment was wrapped up in her and the magic that she waved. Thank you so far for all the birthday wishes, ames_908, My Twin brother, mamorunooni, beanpop, jurhael and fennin. Thank you for making me smile.

pimp_kitten also called me up around midnight and was like. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" and I was all like.. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" because I was too groggy to realize that it -was- my birthday. Thank you Alexi. Still haven't gotten your present though..

Jin fixed me cereal for my birthday. He tried to put a candle in it, but it wouldn't float. Don't worry Jin, there is always -next- year to get it right. I was more amused at your cursing. *snickers* Now I am gonna spend my last few moments before work on Discovery RO, gaining some levels for Hyuga in Morroc.
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Conclusion of the Day!~

Well everyone, thank you for the birthday wishes.

Much love to you all...

Today was a September 9th that I was quite happy with, it was raining and stormy. I always like it when it storms on my birthday, it happens so rarely.

It was not a horrible birthday, in fact I got alot of wishes and in the end that meant the world to me.

Everyone at work pitched in to get me a cake and on it it said "World's Best Cashier (Nia)" which made me wibble quite a bit. Customers wished me happy birthday because Jean would come up behind me and go "It's her birthday" and thereby embarassing me to death. I got alot of well wishes.. and they were evil and bought me it with green frosting so that my lips looked green after I ate some. (evil Jean).

Then shuufish wrote me some absolutely WONDERFUL ficcage involving Sigurd/Hyuga, Fei/Citan and Chaos/Jin. It was lovely. And I have an Emperor Cain/Gazel Ministry fic to look forward to from lostangelsong though NO RUSH MICHELLE I DO NOT WANT YOU TO OVERSTRESS YOURSELF, GRADUATESCHOOLGIRL!

Also, the live version of Something About You by Level 42 is FUCKING AWESOME.

Also Citan on Discovery RO finally earned level of Merchie. After many spot-kills by mobs through Panyon forest. (Grrrh.. they should place Bylan Island better >.>) Thanks once again to a wonderful adventuring companion.

I'm content right now. I have not been content on my birthday for a LONG time.

So anyways guys, thanks for the well wishes. I love you all! <3<3<3<3
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