September 8th, 2005

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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Alright.. I got started on RO again.. HOWEVER I FOUND OUT THERE WAS A FREE SERVER! So I am playing that. (Thank you kaiousei)

Also, I had someone delete me off their friends list. Actually a friend of perhaps 7 years. Was she really a friend? I don't know. I could expend energy going as to what I -do- think of her and what I've always thought of her (ever since that first summer).. but I will not because it's good to display tact and I just don't want to bother.. it's over, she deleted me. End of story. Don't want to talk any more about it. However I do not think she really ever knew me.. I do not think she had very much understanding for what I myself went through my 20th year.. and I think she is rather unaccepting of personal evolvement.

Things to do today.

1.) Get box for Phone strap and manga to send to Mish.
2.) House Payment
3.) Finish Laundry. (Good job me, I got hawaiian shirts ironed yesterday)
4.) Attempt some weed picking in the backyard
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~RO'd out~

I am definitely RO'd out for today. I had alot of fun exploring with shuufish though. We got Jin to be a Swordie.. and after several mobs in Yoyo forest.. we FINALLY got Chaos his acolyte robes. (Thanks alot stupid asshats who think it is fun to start whacking at otherwise TAME creatures and getting them to mob.. idiots. >.>)

But evidentally those people were not the ONLY idiots. *hurms*