September 6th, 2005

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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Well gee you all say, Nia sure is up early. That is because I have a -long- day at work. First I need to go help my supervisor with her shopping for Pizza Etc at the commisary, then I go into work. I got up because while I could of gotten up at eight. I vitally -need- that hour to sort of wake up or else I just don't perform to my optinum. I fear that I would be grumpy to all of the customers. However I get to work with -problem girl. >.> So hopefully her speed has improved. *crosses fingers*

At least last night was not the Jin and Chaos sex dream. I cannot believe that I had one of those. And it was in Jin perspective so I was not looking through my eyes but Jin's eyes. And the first thoughts in my mind when I was watching this was.. "Gee Jin has a big cock.." and then the next thoughts were. "WTF.. why am I dreaming about Jin's cock.. hey Chaos don't.. damn he took it all.." and then I sort of jolted myself awake much to the derision of the Jin muse who had been watching this tableaux over his morning bowl of cereal evidentally. There was cursing. I guess I shut it off before it got to the good part.

Sex dreams are fun, particularly when they are not your own.

Hopefully tonight the wedding will occur. It had to be postponed according to the move. I shudder to think of Jin in a Priest's outfit marrying Sigurd and Hyuga, that is probably the only aspect of this that scares me. (Not even the thought of Chaos in a sun yellow flower girl outfit scares me though I am given to understand that Jin picked out the panties which are ruffle-butt panties. >.>. Many would think that Jin and Chaos are an uke/seme pair.. not me... I think it is because it is my opinion that Chaos tops.. if not physically then mentally (Thanks shiva_chan You know what I mean!). What can you expect from someone who has been alive for centuries..

But still.. rufflebutt panties? o.o

Tonight I am going to work on the icon for the Innocence theme for my Squenix100 Challenge. I already know which picture I am gonna use, as well as the lyrics for it. But I have a picture of Chibi Hyuga that is just fucking adorable that I want to use.
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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I finished the Innocence icon, and it is vaugely creepy.. >.> But then with the lyrics.. I guess it sort of fits. *shifty* *sinks back into lurk hole once I get my hair in order*

And now for the interactive part of this journal.

How are you all today? What do you guys do? I mean.. do you go to school, do you work or do you just veg out on the computer all day in your parents basement?

As for me, I'm getting ready to head out to Pizza Etc. This sports bar and grill that I work during the lunch hour and all the way until 2 pm. Today's the double shift so chances are I won't want to do anything but sort of veg out after my shift is done.

BTW today shuufish gets her net back. *w00t*
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