September 3rd, 2005

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Random blurtage~

Okay so I am going to started to really dig Origa. I am trying to figure out who is behind it. I am sure it is Hyuga who is behind Origa. He stopped in last night to say hi. I don't know how many times he and Sigurd had sex on the airplane, (I am assuming that it was alot). His mood has definitely improved and he is not being a diva-bitch. This is good. Hyuga when he gets into his moods is very, ugh.

Just found out that pimp_kitten might be home later because of Joint Task Force Operation Katrina which is a great opportunity to help all those unfortunates in Louisiana and Mississippi. (Even though it means he will be home later) It might not be Iraq.. but it is definitely more important.. at least I think. (This is weakening us.. first the war in Iraq and then here.. but I digress and perhaps I am not making much sense.)

Did something fun with squenix_uni, it was Emperor Cain being a deviant. But yes.. the rooming switch could be kinda fun. It could force rooming hijinks. But he was very emphatic about keeping the Uzuki's in his pockets. Really with the Emperor Cain in my pocket, they can't catch a break. >.>
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Inside my heart is breaking.. my makeup may be fading but my smile still stays on~

Guilty Gear X fucking PWNS me.. in all the right ways.

Venom is hands DOWN my favorite character in the game. I got his pool-stick attacks down pat, I love it when he puts the pool stick behind his back and goes "ping". And a blue little bolt comes out of the tip. Fighting with a pool-stick. How fucking classy is that? Or when he turns the enemy temorarily into a pool ball! YES THAT ROCKS! And then I really quickly wallop him.

VENOM I <3 You!

*dies from the love*

Of course it does not help that Venom is the type of guy that I dig. Dark skinned with blue eyes and white hair. 0_0 His resemblance to Sigurd is UNCANNY.
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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My partner in crime is online.. and I have to go to WORK soon.

This sucks donkey balls.

>.> *meh*
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered




such is the agonizing pains of being LJ's number one Hyuga/Citan obsessee

I feel so... accomplished. >.> I had over 260 Hyuga/Sigurd couple pictures.. and here I thought they were misrepresented in my folders.. when in fact they weren't. *thuds*
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