August 27th, 2005

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Icon Offering for Today~

Today's icon was brought to you by my favorite character from Saiyuki.. HAKKAI!

Of course I was making it how I wanted it to turn out.. with it overlayed nicely with something and with the words "But you won't see the tears I cry" from the Kelly Clarkson song. Then suddenly I went 'fuck it" and opted to just do my own thing with it.. and I came up with..

So if you want to use this icon.. just comment and credit. But yes, it's a nice icon.. just I am picky about what icons I use for myself. >.>
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~In starlight nights I saw you.. so cruelly you kissed me~

Today is going to be a "The Killing Moon" day. Considering the dream I woke up from.. it does not surprised me. I do not know why I am getting this dreams. They are dreams involving Kuro. Dreams in which I am always talking to her and I find out she is not dead.. and there are outbursts that are sort of vehmenant and violent involving the whole, "Why did you lie to me.." and the whatnot. pimp_kitten woke me up though, thanks to my trusty partner-in-crime. (I really did need to get out of that dream..)

So I don't know if it's trying to tell me anything. My head aches too much to do anything though.

Since I do not predominately angst, well this is just me.. ever since the Year of Jin, I've been keeping it angst free. (It isn't like last year.. OOOH BOY).

So I am going to go take some advil and hope that this feeling of icky goes away.
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


Oh noes.. it's my new angst icon.

I am slowly mastering how to do lyric/text brushes. I'm not good.. but I suspect one day I will get better. >.>

The song it comes from is my angst song. Because there are certain lines that fit me.


"No I don't cry on the outside anymore..."


"I told you everything, opened up and let you in.. you made me feel alright for once in my life.. Now all that's left in me.. is what I pretend to be.. so together.. but so broken up inside"

And well, Hakkai seemed like he would be a good choice for this icon. Since he hides almost as much as I do....

But yeah.. mine. *glomps it*
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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Poll #560345 Who should be in the next Daily Download Banner

~Favorite Muse DEATHMATCH~

Jin Uzuki
Hyuga Ricdeau (Citan's -real- persona)
Citan Uzuki

This isn't gonna be pretty whoever the winner is. Whoever gets chosen, the other two is going to make their (and my) life a living hell.

This poll was put up because September is my birthday.. and I really want a favorite muse for the Month of September. *thuds* Of course I have Jin and Citan pouting because I picked Hyuga.. but you know.. he has been sad all day.. and giving me puppy eyes. >.
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Just a blurb~

Okay so I -liked- Akito as a female. *thuds* People that is like. "OMGAKITOMANGAYSEXOMG!" make me sick. X_x *besides if Akito is really a female.. it makes what happened at the end of the Fruits Basket anime series kinda hot.. >.>* Tohru/Female!Akito is my FB OTP damn it.

But then die-hard yaoi enthusiasts make me a trifle.. ugh. I am all for the hot sweaty buttsecks.. don't get me wrong (I love buttsecks, it makes me happy in the pants). But you -can- use a bit of restraint.

I have the same thing with female-bashers. (though I will admit, Miaka deserves every bash that she gets.. *ughs*)
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