August 19th, 2005

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~It's it wrong to have it parked on they gay fuel site because they have good music?~

I had the worst dream ever. It had been the dream that I had subconscious fears about. It was the dream where Kuro comes back into my life and says that her being dead had all been a joke. I know that probably is not the case whoever it just sort of hurt a bit and I woke up feeling absolutely crappy/cruddy. I really won't go into anything I am feeling/thinking because really it's one of those things that you just don't want pasted up to LJ to read by just everyone. But I try to lock as few posts as possible because that is my journal, predominately Friend's Only.

Ugh, I need caffiene. And I need to respond to the Valdemar post.

*stabbys stuff early in the morning*
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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Poll #555072 Saturday Download

Pick Which One You Want to Listen to

"Someone Like You" by New Order (80s Synth)
"Like it Or Not" by Darren Hayes (Current.. what pimp_kitten considers a stalker song*)
"Fly Away" by Bad Boys Blue (Eurodance)
"Silence" by Delerium feat Sarah McLachlan (Ambient)
"Shiawase no Tapestry" by Tobita Nobuo (Angelique/Seiyuu)
"For Real" from Saiyuki (Anime)
"Summer Moved On" by A-ha (80s)
"Melody of the Lute" from Final Fantasy Celtic Moon (Me and mamorunooni's soul song)
"Heaven Coming Down" by The Tea Party (Somewhat current)
"Pearl Harbour Sucked and I miss You" from Team America World Police (Comedy)
"I Only Want To Be With You" by Tommy February6 (Jpop.. but in english!)
"Melissa" by Porno Graffetti (FMA/Anime)
"Where It's At" by Beck (90s)
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Drabble-Time! (Gankutsou)~

Title: "Sea to your Shore"
Fandom: Gankutsou
Pairing: Albert and Franz
Rating: This is very tame, this is just best friend/unrequited sap.
Comments: I decided to write a ficbit based on the next song that came on my MP3 player. And the song that came on was "I Love You" by Sarah McLachlan, so I decided to do a fic that -wasn't- Xeno. (imagine that). This is a pairing from Gankutsou (The Count of Monte Cristo) and involves Albert Morcef and Franz de'Epinay. Crossposted to shitan


"Let me surround you,
My sea to your shore..
Let me be the calm you seek"

Franz knew that Albert did not normally cry. That was probably one of the more admirable traits that he saw in the young Viscount. A perpetually sunny face, optimistic even when the world came crashing down around them. For the past couple of days while Albert faced the utter ruination of so many people, he still remained to keep his hope in the Count, in life..despite what Franz tried to tell him.

However as they were laying in their secret little getaway from the world, long after the candles had sputtered to a stop and the wax had hardened against the whick, Franz was laying there on a pile of blankets and holding a bottle of wine. Staring up at the ceiling and wondering if that really was the ceiling for it just looked inky, a scion of infinity.

There was a muffled little sob, a squeak and he turned his head almost as if it were second nature. It had been a sound neigh foreign to him and he shifted so that he was resting on his side. He could see the silouhette of Albert in the darkness, curved perhaps against the pillows that they had snuck in from outside sources. He tried to do it quietly so that Albert would not hear him and then he gently rested his hand against Albert's shoulder in order to straighten the covers.

The sobbing stilled into nothingness, a figment of Franz's imagination. Still he knew it had been there and so he did not wait for Albert to ask, he scooted closer and rested his arms around those shoulders, pressing himself closer and most importantly making Albert believe that he was here, and that he would do anything for him.

Any comfort that he could dole out to his best friend, even if not acknowledged, it was enough to know that Albert did not push him away...

And that was acceptance in it's own fragile way.
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Poll #555313 Why are you here?

What keeps me on your FList? (No answer is necessarily wrong)

I come for the buttsecks (Is that flavored lube?)
The music, because I'm a whore for it.
The Xeno.. because you are a mecca of Xeno(Citan)dom of course!
You are insane and amusing and make fun of the Emo-kids.
Because I consider myself apart of the 10 percent of Nia/Hyuga's FList that actually talk to her in more then passing...
The girls with boobs.. they make me happy in the pants.
I don't really know -why- I keep you on my FList. Fit of insanity?
Who the fuck are you? Delete me PLZ!
Cheer up, Emo Kid!
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

Phone Post: I haven't seen Team America.

940K 4:37
“Alright, evidently livejournal just kinda sucks because it's not giving me the little thing that... tells me how long I've been... on... the phone... and I-I guess I should just attribute it to California 'cause y'know, I've lived in California for twenty years of my life and... you know... I'm using the California n-livejournal number. Which reminds me, why does California have like, three numbers, and, like... Delaware had... twenty-six. Anybody know the answer to this? I mean, what does Delware have that California does not except for lower taxes and... probably less gay men (I think). 'Cause I'm pretty sure that, you know, if the world were to stink (what?)... umm... err, if the world was to lose-ter-would ehhll-blah. Okay that was lame, nevermind. Ha ha ha.

So, anyway! Umm... I'm heading off to work. If none of you guys know, I work at a movie theatre... during the evening... and the Sports Bar during the day. Well, 'Day' as in, like, 'round Eleven o'clock to... two and then, usually I go in on the weekends... between... I think... Five-thirty to around nine-thirty? 'Cause, you know... That's SO much fun, working at a movie theatre... I don't know what's playing. I think that the bane of all movie-theatre workers is, you know, people at your OTHER job would go "So, Nia! What's playing today?" and I'll be like "I don't know." 'Cause I don't! I mean, I only work there - I don't watch the movies. I mean, if I had an invested interest in what - what was playing, then perhaps I'd, you know... actually care. But, I don't.

And so far, in the Daily Downloads, the song that I want to win is winning. The "Pearl Harbour Sucks and I Miss You". That is one of the greatest songs from Team America World Police, and if none of you guys have seen it, or... whoever hasn't seen that, umm... show HAS to see it, 'cause it's SO frickin' funny. I love it. Umm... and, of course, I have fond memories of Emily going "Ohhh! Darth (something?) is singing 'I'm so Ronery'", and it's so fun because when he's going "seriously" he's "see-ree-ra-treezy". And it's really funny and I TRIED to pronounce it and I probably sound like an idiot while I'm pronouncing it... because, you know, that's what I sound like on a regular basis, why should it, you know... not be any different? Umm...

So yeah, I definately hope that song wins... Last time, though, for the Daily Downloads... well not the LAST time, but... Alexei(?) the... umm... one that HE picked actually won, but I don't think the one he picked this year - or this, not this YEAR but this week is gonna win, because he picked The Stalker Song by Darren Hayes. He's convinced that Darren Hayes is a stalker that stuffs the limbs of his victims into Samsonite(?) bags... He's really pleasant. And... yeah... He amuses me to no end. Umm...

But that's... really all, I don't... ahh anything past this point that I say is just gonna be rambling shit. Umm... I'm probably gonna call Mish... tonight... Once the... movie rush... gets out, that means I'm probably gonna have to charge, HOWEVER. Anyone who wants to post random sillyness in my journal can, 'cause I like to read it! I mean, I... I know I do have tons of stuff I SHOULD be doing, but... yeah. It's been a rough week. It's - especially after, you know, BLEEDING all over the car yesterday, that was GREAT. And... I'm at the gate now, so... I am going to, uhh... Get off now... but yeah... Emmm.... Well, this is my voice!”

Transcribed by: kaiousei