July 27th, 2005

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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Dear Sigurd Harcourt,

I would so turn straight for you, you have no fucking idea... now if only to convert you to the darkside... but then my Hyuga muse would likely kick my ass. (if anything.. let me have you with a strap-on, k?)

<3, Nia

Edit: I am cropping Citan and Sigurd images from all Xenogears doujinshi that I have. Adding that to a collection of over 1600 images, it is going to be astounding. When I get done with the reorganization, I will expect to have over 2000 images of Jin, Citan, Sigurd and Chaos conbined.

And just for pretty's sake.

HYUGA RICDEAU. *hoards him all to myself*

Just couldn't help but share the pretty. Though I would not screw him, that would be too scarily like screwing myself.. but I would screw Sigurd.. in his name. MANY MANY times. (And Yui too.. because damn if Yui is not hot. Hyuga has excellent taste in men and women)
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Breathe.. just breathe~

I am going to start marketing crack!sigurd icons... since I have another idea for one. *heehee's* And hopefully when I come across the perfect manga picture for it, I will crack it out.. that will take maybe a week..or two. (since I need to find the picture right now that speaks to me).

Tomoyo rocks, I just thought I would let everyone on my FList know this.

I'm heading off to work soon.. I can't wait til I get back.. and only certain people know why. *whee's and skitters off*
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