July 22nd, 2005

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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Dear Jin,

It is just hair. Get over it alrieady.

-The Management

Okay so I submitted and got a trim. I also got bangs and tapers off to the side of my head. Theoretically it looks more like Jin now then it did.. aside from the bangs that are reminiscent of Citan's. And the tapers are not as long as Jin's. So yes, I got two inches whacked off, and my hair feels better for it. No more end splits or the whatnot. So yes, I am very happy. *v for victory sign*

That was a very lame update, I realize this. No substance or anything interesting. Now to download more Deathcab for Cutie.


Oh yes, and work on Mish's B-day present.. *loops a song*


BTW if anyone has Wirehog. My username is 'hyuga' so add me! Then you can get into my files (and music and pictures). If you don't have it.. go to the link.
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Interview Meme~

The Rules

1. Leave me a comment asking me to interview you.
2. I will respond by asking you five (probably more like two or three; I'm very bad at coming up with questions to ask people) questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview other people in the post, if you feel like it.

*added jyuufish note:   First 10 people are going to get interviewed.. everyone else..  I would not count on it.   Since you know I have a 400 + flist and a birthday fic to write.   10 is my limit!

The Questions  (by hemisphere)

1.) If you were given all the money you could ever want or need in life upon the stipulation that you could have nothing to do with buttsecks. Would you do it?

You mean it would not even count for real life buttsecks involving myself (or another girl) and a strap-on?   Damn, I don't know..  Let me think about it.   Umm.. no.  I am attached to my buttsecks way too much.  (I think it may be an addiction).   Buttsecks makes me happy (in the pants).    So no, not going to give it up.  (because my dreams of another girl and a strap-on.. mmmmmmm.. *gets all wibbly*).    This also ties in with my desire to cosplay sex.   One day I will go to a con as Jin and find a girl as Chaos who is willing to submit to my every demand.  *evil*    Until that day, it is wishful thinking, and I shall cherish hopes fondly.

2.) What is the happiest memory that you have?

Most of the happiest memories I have tie in strongly with my grandmother and myself back before I turned 18.    My grandmother was perhaps the most influential person in my life.. but most of the things I remember about her are bittersweet because well when one person that you care about passes on, you think of what had happened with the added twinge that it would never happen again.   I think my happiest memories were of Christmas-time.  Christimas was a two week event, starting a week before and ending a week after.    We would start by baking, the kitchen and house would be filled with all sorts of good smells.  Cookies, candies, home made peanut brittle and fudge. (I would make myself scarce during the fudge making because I hated chocolate.. still do).    The dining room table would be filled with cut up paper bags and cookies atop them, fruit breads wrapped in saran wrap.    Then the countdown would happen, we would do our christmas shopping and then we would wrap stuff.. before settling them underneath the tree.    Christmas Eve was pizza night, along with driving along the streets looking at the lights, then we would rush home to watch movies, I would stay up late because I could not sleep for excitement and then I would wake up at around 5 am in order to open my Christmas stocking.     I would dissect my toys and my grandmother would start Christmas dinner, and then we would just enjoy the day.    I have not had a Christmas like that since my grandmother died, and while I could be sad, strangely enough my grandmother -made- the season for me and she is so ingrained in my christmas-time memories, that it is hard to celebrate now.  (Though Alexi's parents are so very nice and have ushered me into their Christmas-tide traditions with open-arms.)

3.) What is the funniest Alexi story that you have?

Ahahaha.   Alright.  Funny Alexi Story.   It is called the story of the Dead Cat.

For those of you who do not know, Alexi is my roommate and ex-husband.   I love him to death.  We still get along wonderfully and are the best of friends.   I have a collection of stories about him, which I love to share and I have.

Also for those of you who do not know, we have eight cats.  This ties in to the story greatly.   Alexi is an animal lover, he has all the femininity that I seem to lack.  He loves plushies, kittens, and shopping, he got all the girl genes that I just lack.    So I was responsible for our first two cats.  (I saw Shaoran and Violetta's picture on the board in my squadron so I took it and phoned the number, and we got two very cute cats.)   We were both responsible for the middle two cats, Meilin and Kero.

The next 6 cats.. well, they are all Alexi.

6 cats you say?  The math is not adding up.   6 plus 4 is not 8, it is 10.    Yeah I know that too.  We do have 8 cats..  8 live cats.   We also have two dead cats.

It started like this.

Alexi on phone: Nia, I was on my way to work today when I saw a deadcat in the road and it made me sad.
Me:  Oh really?  *really at this point I am just humoring him, because well I know how he gets and I was trying to express some sort of sympathy*
Alexi:  *There is a pause*  Do you think I could bring it home and bury it in the backyard.
Me:  *Even longer pause* ... Excuse me?
Alexi:   We have a big backyard.   Plenty of space, please can I bring it home?
Me:  *is under a suspended belief right about now*  Alright..  but you have to go through the back yard.

So we end up with a cat grave in our back yard.. and Alexi names it and everything.    Real cute.

6 months later, I get a repeat of the SAME phone call.. Alexi finding another cat in the road and wanting to take it home and bury it.   I thought that we were through with it.. but evidentally Alexi has dubbed himself the rescurer of dead kitties everywhere.    So since it is around Christmas time that this happens, Alexi names the cat "Holly" and we get another cat grave in our back yard.

He tried to bring home another cat (dead) around March, but I put my foot down.   So yes, that's the dead cat story.  It sounds so much better when I'm telling it over the phone.  Ask Mish or Michelle who nearly lost it when I told them.

4.) What would you do for a Klondike bar?

I hate chocolate as a general rule soo..I don't think I'd do much. 

5.) Why must you shame our space ancestors so with your little gay looking loin cloth?

You know, come back and speak to me once you've hit puperty and actually can fill more then an A/B cup on that bikini top, twerp.


People set to be interviewed by me eventually.

1.) hinoai
2.) squidflakes
3.) reynardfox
4.) kohakutenshi
5.) jaydesummers
6.) freysama
7.) kaiousei
8.) gamera
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Added note~

Anyone who wants a wirehog account.   I just found out that it's an invite only thing.. so anyone who wants one.. respond to this post with your email alright! (For anyone who doesn't know, wirehog allows you to share files with all of your friends, music.. pictures..anything you make available.. and likewise you can leech off your friends)

Link to Wirehog.
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