July 21st, 2005

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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Poll #536790 Wow another poll? This one involves..*dadada* Saturday Download!

~Vote for the one you would be interested in hearing~

"Losing You" by John Taylor (Current, member of Duran Duran's solo career)
"Falling for You" by Jem (Current)
"Standing" by VNV Nation (Industrial/Electronic)
"Rhythem Emotion Techno Remix" by Two-Mix (Anime/Gundum Wing music)
"Big Bang Generation" by Duran Duran (Duran Duran is it's own genre)
"Want to" by Hall & Oates (Stuff from their 1998 album)
"Preparation" by Seki Toshihiko (Seiyuu)
"Star Wars Cantina" by Richard Cheese (Lounge/Humour.. thank you everyone who pointed out it wasn't Wierd Al)
"Mae wo Muite Arukou" from The Violinist of Hamelin (Anime.. never seen the series but I like the song)
"Amber" by 311 (Current..very pretty song)
"Clark Gable" by The Postal Service (Very Citanish Rock)
"Be Still my Beating Heart" by Sting (80s)


I think I should put an actual post here. Well I am getting ready for work. My plans for when I get back from work is to mow the lawn.. pull some weeds (bleack) and then do more icon bases (and organize my MISC PIC folder.. I underestimated what a monster it was). My dreams were about Heyven and Sigele which were nice..

Oh yes, and the next thing might totally gross some of you out so I am going to like save you guys trouble so if you do not want to read it, don't click on the link.. it involves masturbation.

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Okay, now to brush my monster hair.
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Hyu's Fetish/Turn-off List~

This stems from the fact that when I was visiting the Uzuki Residence.. I would say what I had a fetish for and then finally rithannen burst out asking what it was that I don't have a fetish for. So now for your approval. Here are the archetypes/little things that just kinda get me happy in the pants. In order of importance.

1.) Glasses: This is the card that overpowers all other cards. Even the infamous blonde card. (I am notorious for disliking blonde anime characters merely on the colour of their hair.. but then again blondes I associate with over-uke-ness..). Glasses are the surefire way to my heart. I will fan any video game/anime character with glasses it seemed. Even more so if they have dark hair.
2.) Dark skinned: I love amber coloured/dark skin. That is why the Blaise thing did not affect me that much. Exotic guys are hot. Even moreso when they have White Hair or/and Eyepatches *see Sigurd Harcourt (number one on my Fictional Character Fuck List).
3.) White Hair:
4.) Eyepatches:
5.) Intellectual and Mysterious Types: Guys that know alot about many things are hot. Guys that withhold information in lieu of being myseterious are even hotter.
6.) Badass Characters that Turn out to be Cuddlebutts: Gwendel is a prime example. Gruff and kickass.. until you find out that he crochets. Yes, that's love right there. Manly men that are secretly woo'd by such thing as plushies and kittens... *heehee*
7.) Sadistically Evil: Evil is sexy, and guys that assert their seme-ness through random acts of violence, bloodshed, vengeance are even doubly so.
8.) Diva's: Guys that resist the advances of said pursuer, I have a thing for guys that throw vases or give the impression that they would do it in a heartbeat. (*looks pointedly at my Iruka and Oriya muse*)
9.) Rakes: They are sexy and they know it. They can strut their hips and manwhore out like the best of them.. without sacrificing their masculinity.
10.) Men with clear muscle definition: Yozak, Gateau, Hughes and Sabin. They are love.
11.) Men with Trash Mouths: Jesiah and Cid.. they utterly rock because they are not afraid to be loud and outspoken.
12.) Emperor Cain: Yeah, I'd do him.. especially in a dress. (Emperor Cain agreed that he needed a catagory of his own)



1.) Femmy Uke Guys: I mean like Femmy to the point of like.. anyone that Yuuki Hiro plays. It's alright to be elegant.. it's not alright to be girly to the point of trading your cock in for an extra asshole.
2.) Blondes: There are guys that redeem themselves of their blonde-genes.. but as a whole.. meh.
3.) Final Fantasy Main Male Characters: Cloud, Squall and Tidus do not do it for me. I wanted to shoot them all in the face. (Sorry to all of you that do like them..just a personal opinion is all). In final fantasy games, I like the guys that are around to sort of make up for the main character's deficiency (and/or lack of personality)
4.) Weak Men: This is why I am never going to fangirl Kahr Ramsus. I can see where he is coming from.. but I admire strength of character.. it's a virtue that I see in all my favorite men.

See my hate list is relatively small as opposed to my love list. That is because I am fairly tolerant with characters and will try to give them all a chance..
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Okay so here we go~

First of all.. thanks divinecomedy for making the text brush for me.

After all the wank that has been happening for the past week. Wank of all types. I had to make this icon.. it just begged to be made.

Who better to represent then Franz from Gankutsou.. oh Franz who had a whole weekload of wank dedicated to him back during the SPOILER episode.

Indeed.. serious fucking business, the internet is.

Two awesome icons in one day.. needless to say I have outdone myself in terms of icons today...

I am going to go stroke my own cock now. *hee's*
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