July 12th, 2005

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Things are easy when you're big in japan~

There is nothing I enjoy more then some Victorian RP right before I go to bed. We have written out 272 pages of Xenogears Victorian crossover goodness. This is from back in February methinks. Jin and Margie are talking over the Late Lord Fatima and Late Lord Uzuki's affair while Chaos and Bart just sit there listening. Margie and Jin are gossipmongers methinks. Too bad Jin does not have the full story, the only one who really has the full story is Sigurd who was willed the diary of the Late Lord Fatima.

BTW, this is my new icon. I love it. I am quite happy with it as it totally made itself almost and seemingly without my help. Inspired by the first version I made of it. I wanted to put the words "For Happy Endings It takes Two" but then I opted against it. Mmm Hyuga and Sigurd. I never get tired of those two, together. Neither do I get tired of Jin and Chaos and Fei and Citan. *pets my muses*

Night everyone.
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