June 27th, 2005

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This month (July) it is GAMES FST MONTH at the fst community.

You know what that means, right?



*jumps up and down and then drags it off with me*

That is all. KTHXBAI.

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~I.. I can't live within you..~

About my friend's quiz.

1.) Almost EVERYONE got the first question right! But there was one person. ONE person who did not know about my obession with Shitan/Citan Uzuki.
2.) My eyes are green. Though there was ALOT of chocolate brown. (I think that may be because of my similarties to Citan anyways.. why not give me his brown eyes). But no, I have Jin eyes and hair.
3.) I am not big on blonde hair. Blonde hair is usually never the deciding factor for if I like a bishounene or not. If they have blonde hair, it is only coincidental.
4.) I would not toss Ramsus Kahran off a cliff. I used to dislike him, but now I don't.. I think it is because I think he is a bit pitiful but he is worthy of admiration and love. And he already got Krelian to throw him in the trash, a cliff would just break his little heart even more. >.< (The other characters, there are valid reasons why I dislike them.. and why I could toss them off a cliff.)
5.) Retarded Fangirls really piss me off. You know the ones who declare OTP at every turn, who will not listen to anyone else's opinions and instigitate little bouts of faggery all over the place. Sure, have your opinion but don't INSIST upon it. (Also fangirls are the leading cause of self-lubing asses and girly ukes.. which I also hate)
6.) Those are ALL my favorite squick pairing, but one rises above the rest. That is Emperor Cain and Hyuga. All stemming from a doujinshi I saw where the Great Emperor of Solaris was fangirling Hyuga with litle hearts over his wrinkly skin. Instantly I was like., "OMGOTP!" My innate Sigurd muse did not like me very well for that one. I told him to stfu and go try on some clothes. It is wonders that a purple feather boa works on hurt feelings.
7.) My Grandmother was the most important person in my life. I grew up with her for 20 years of my life. She was a soulmate.
8.) My heterosexual life partner is my ex husband, Alexi. Now that we don't have sex between us, we have found we can connect in other ways. I love him, despite how I rag on him all the time. He's a great guy.
9.) Favorite seiyuu is Inoue Kazuhiko. He is the leading player of alot of my favorite bishounen. HOWEVER Tanaka Hideyuki and Toshiyuki Morikawa come in very close. If Marcus got this question wrong, I would of stabbed him.
10.) Favorite place was tricky because they are -all- my favorite places. Alot of people put Solaris... so they get points for that. The people who put Lahan, they get points too. So do the ones who chose Sylvia (since that is the country I made up in my head). However my true favorite place IS Disneyland and I have been to the Happiest Place on earth at least 50+ times. Someone could put me in a blindfold and I could find my way from Tom Sawyer's Island to It's a Small World and back again. (Can't promise I wouldn't bump into people.. it's Disneyland after all) But I wouldn't fall in any rivers of america or ponds.)

There those are the real and true answers.

I have a bigger update. Oh yes, soeur_system, I finally had my great soeuring. Congratulations freysama, you you are saddled with a Oneesama that acts like a Bouton. *snickers* Oiya. There was cookies, there was kittens and porn, there was sake. It was a grand old time. People will be telling stories of Rosa Omeiensis's soeur ceremony for days to come. *heh's*




Oh so tired.. X_x
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I think it is easy to say that anything having to do with Xenogears is a labour of love. I am compiling the character songs for the Xenogears characters. Miang and Ramsus get a combined song.. because I found the PERFECT song for them. (If you want it, superfi, I can send it to you).

I already got Citan's song (even though it is hard to narrow it down with him at least in my mind). I needed to get one that adequately fufilled his role for the game. Fei's song is already picked out.

I am so hearting this fst month.
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~More Xenogears FST rambling~

I got most of the character songs for the Xenogears FST done with the exception of Chu-Chu's song. And I am laughing because ALL of the songs that are occuring to be are cheesy eurodance/disco songs. *is busting a gut* This is great.

I have alot of prejudices in Xenogears. We all know this. But Xenogears was a beauty even in canon. And my love for this game knows absolutely no bounds... even what happens canon. (I love Citan x Yui and Fei x Elly.. just in case anyone accuses me of not. The canon relationships are -very- beautiful and magical.). (Though to be fair.. in my mind... Hyuga and Sigurd are -just- as canon.. I mean the subtext for Hyuga and Sigurd is astronomical..)

Once again, I am going to -try- to figure out a song for Chu-Chu. *giggling*

And Krelian.. but wait I already have a song for Krelian.
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My hair just broke a comb!

This is just great. I love it. Now I need to head to work. X_x for the good old 147 minute MOVIE. *stabs stuff*

Rest in piece comb.. I loved you well.
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