June 15th, 2005

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Two hearts beating.. in this place you've made..~

I squee.


Tanaka Hideyuki. *thuds* One of my favorite Seiyuu's after Inoue Kazuhiko.. but how can I -not- love the seiyuu behind Citan and Jin? And GRIMMER! (He is the only glasses wearing guy.. and on the bottom.. I <3 him)

*giggles* YAY TANAKA HIDEYUKI! *grins*

And it so figures that he would wear glasses.. since he is pigeonholed into the glasses-wearing bishouen stereotype.


I want iconage of him now.

16 + days until I get to hear him talk in Xenosaga II for really. X_x
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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Okay so we were messing around with the Candybar doll maker.. both Mish and I.. and I decided to do Heyven.. and Jin (From the 70s AU..)

- Jin. | - Hyuga

Yes, that is his pimp smile. I lost it because he kept making that expression while I was making him.. and I was like "OMGWTFBBQJINSTOPIT" and he was being a trifle cocky (per usual).. it was great.. (Yes, people.. that is the smile Jin gives when he wants to get laid.. sad but true fact. X_x)

As for Hyuga, I certainly made him adorable as well. Mish's Sigurd approves. *giggles* When I was making it, I was like.. "Wow Hyuga.. how tastefully abercrombie and fitch you are.. then he glared at me, declaring the end of that discussion.

Then there is Heyven..

Okay so her shirt and jacket should be alot more baggy.. but oh well.. she is still insanely cute.

They are my babies.. I will do one for Hyuga too. *hee's* Eventually.

But I still can't get over Jin's expression. *thuds*
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