June 12th, 2005

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Sexy Picture of the day~

This is for the lesbians, bisexuals and straight guys. *heh's* I saw this picture and I think I instantly salivated. I shall be accepting payments of her for my birthday KTHXBAI.

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Challenge for you all~

Alright, here is a challenge for you all. I need music. (I am currently sitting at 2696 and I desperately want to reach 2700..) So I have a challenge for you guys. This is not a meme.. think of it as sort of a contest. I want you guys to start sending me music that you would think that I like. You can either upload it and paste it into this comment thread (share with everyone) or else you can send it to me via onewingedhyu@yahoo.com through yousendit.

What do you get out of this.

The person who sends me the 2700th song on my playlist (I am picky and it is hard for me to keep anything that doesn't speak to me.. so it has to be the 2700th song that I keep..) will get a drabble. Any pairing they want. It can be Yuri or yaoi.. or even het. But it has to be in a fandom that I am somewhat familar with. (See the userinfo for information)

Now here are a list of things that -could- make me happy.

1.) Classical Piano music, or really any music with piano in it. My Glam Hyu is questing for good piano music.
2.) Techno-y beats.
3.) Surprise me..

For those of you that want reference on what I have and -don't- have.. Here is my MP3 List-o. You can also use that to make a rough gestimation of my taste. (Though it is impossible to pigeon-hole my taste).

So start posting those musics. Winners will be posted once I get to 2700.

Edit: Still a chance.. I have up to 2699....

And I did like alot of the Keiko Matsui stuff.. but since it was in WMA format, I had to hunt for alot of it on Limeware. So the only one that officially made it was the one that I liked that I could find in Mp3 format. *hee's*
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