June 5th, 2005

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Title: Harukanaru Kokyou by Risa Ohki from Final Fantasy Love Will Grow (YouSendIt)
Genre: Video Game Vocals
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Comments: There are 4 CDs that have burned in their entirity.. only -four- out of my playlist and the 300 CDs that I possess. They are in no order, Astronaut by Duran Duran, Xenogears Creid by Yasunori Mitsuda, Final Fantasy Pray and Final Fantasy Love Will Grow by Umetsu. I could listen to these songs for hours. I actually listened to this song when I was deployed to Qatar four years ago, I listened to the CD with this song over and over because as I was going through the exotic location of sand and gorgeous architecture, and it fit. Also a very surpising thing about this song... It is sung BACKWARDS in japanese. This is taken from in an earlier game, one of the hints on a puzzle is given to you backwards and you have to decode it. Umetsu is always hardcore about pleasing his fans. ^_^. So if you want an overall quirky song on your playlist. Download this.

Notable (Favorite) Lyrics: | N/A |

Remember if you download, then by all means please comment to tell me you nabbed it, and if by any chance it says that the link expired or is broken, then prod me in comments so that I can re-upload it. *hint: I also like to hear reactions to the songs that you download*

Previous Downloads

Thursday - Aokage by Porno Grafetti
Tuesday - "I've Been Losing You" by A-ha
Saturday - "Little Miss" by Boa.

(I need to pick the muse for June.. so everyone say goodbye to Gwendel.. *heh's*)
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Poll #506823 Daily Download Poster Boy

Pick One

Dr. Tenma (Monster)
Jin Uzuki (Xenosaga)
Citan Uzuki (Xenogears)
Soubi (Loveless)
Sigurd Harcourt (Xenogears)
Takamichi (Harutoki)
Grimmer (Monster)
Iruka (Naruto)
Oriya (Yami no Matsuei)
Aizen (Bleach)
Emperor Cain (Xenogears)
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~Personal note~

I am going to be meeting sweet_flesh at Borders in Boise, Wednesday the 15th of June in which we are going to go manga-crawling. W00t! That rocks hardcore. *puts a sticky on this note*


Also, muses are like being very skittish. Hyuga, Jin and Citan are like.. "RAWR" and more wired then a stick of dynamite. It is of course because Hyuga musses his Sigurd, Jin wants his Chaos and Citan promises that he will glomp Fei until Fei cannot breath. And okay so I'm a bit wired too. -_-
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~Music Meme.. yes people.. downloady~

List five songs that you are currently digging ... it doesn't matter what genre they are from, whether they have words or if they're any good. They just have to be songs you're really enjoying right now. Post these instructions, the artist and the song in your journal along with your five songs, then tag five other people to see what they're listening to.

I have been tagged by a whole lot of people (like half of my friend's list... -_-) so I thought.. what the hell.   Yes, I know that I upload music randomly.. but then there are songs that I do dig on.   And usually the songs that I dig on change on a week to week basis.   So what I dig on this week..  will be old hat next week.

-In no particular order-

1.)  Glamorous by Buck-Tick  - I just started digging on this, this morning.  Sakurai Atsushi is damn hot in that PV, I'll tell you that much.  Makes me want to do iconage of him. (Thank you sweet_flesh)
2.)  Please God by Ana Vogg  -  This song I will always associate with Glam!Sigurd.   And despite his player's absence.. Glam!Hyuga has been reminding me of him.. -_-
3.)  Always a Woman by Billy Joel  -  The type of females that I tend to fall for. -_-;    Oh well.. this also reminds me of Glam!Hyuga.  (And Andrea from Gankutsou)
4.)  No One Above by Michael Tolcher  -  I am sensing a trend here..  my mind is still stuck in glam!land.  *thuds*  I also really like the guitar strumming in this.. that is one of my weaknesses, guitars.  (And especially spanish guitars)
5.)  The Traveller by Hiromitsu Kamitsuma  -  This is a purely instrumental piece that I got from the fst community.   It was apart of the World Music Suikoden FST.. and I heard the song and it was the only song that I kept from the FST.. but damn if it wasn't the most gorgeous song -ever-.   I am usually not one for instrumentals, but there is -alot- happening in this song, and if you just close your eyes and listen to it, it is like pulling your soul in different directions.. and you can tell that it starts out gentle, and then it just gets..  broader and wider of range.  It's like a journey.. so really the name of the song is -very- fitting.

There everyone.   Those are the songs that I am currently fangirling.   Hey, you guys asked for it. *heh's*   That is really an example of how varied it is for me.

And I am tagging everyone who has not done this meme. *heh's* So blah! I can't pick five people even though I should.
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~Your lips lies a secret.. the promise of a kiss~

I did the last of my community watching moving over to the tear_venus account, including yaoi_daily and yaoi.   No offense, just I have so many people that I want to sort of concentrate on the people and not the communities.   However I did keep anything Xenogears on my FL for the most part.   Because well Xeno-dom will always be my first love.   But everything else.. got moved. X_x.  

So there was my house keeping for the day.
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I have a favorite new pairing in Loveless

Kouya x Yamato

I love them both.  A shounen-ai anime with very strong shoujo-ai.

I like them better then Ritsuka x Soubi.. (forgive my blasphemy please)

I am also still trying to figure out -why- Loveless is only going to be 12 episodes long. This does not make any sense to me. X_x
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~Writings of sorts~

Crossposted to shitan


Fandom:  Xenogears
Pairing:  Sigurd x Citan (One day I will write for my other favorite pairings in the Xeno-verse.. I promise)
Commentary:   Okay so I decided that on the next song that came on, I would write a drabble based on it..  and the song with the lyrics came on, (And I baited this for the muses.. whoever got it first would get it written)  And Hyuga did.    I can imagine that a first kiss would be near catastrophic for Hyuga, especially if he was wrecked with guilt.   I do not think he would go lightly into an affair with Sigurd without some guilty thoughts about his family up in Shevat waiting for him.   Not to mention that if I had a wife like Yui and a child like Midori, I would be feeling quite a bit of guilt. (Though luckily to be fair, my Yui muse.. she's a fangirl.  There she is waving pictures of Hyuga and Sigurd even as we speak.. naughty Yui!)


"I know I'm lost... please let me suffer in silence.
I've said enough..
Please help me hide from the ghosts from my past..
For awhile.."
  -- "Suffer in Silence" by Apolyptigama Beserk

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