May 30th, 2005

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~I'm as dark as december, I'm as cold as the man in the moon~

I need to go and pick up some snacks for my Monster-thon. I also made some icon bases of Anna, I am going to make fennin an Anna icon anime style. That way we can harass each other with our near-matching Anna and Johan anime icons. I also got a good one of Lotte which I want to append the words "STFU" to (because she's making that particular face). I also got some of Tenma makin his puppy face. Gods, Monster rocks. I will not rest until I get caught up with the series. By the time Mish comes back, I will have been caught up with the series. *vows this*

Hyuga has a solo all planned out for the Glamverse. A beautiful solo expounding upon his dreams and ambitions before he became Viscount Uzuki... *pats my poor wannabe classical pianist* I think that is why the song that I dug on from hemlocke's music entry made me sap.. because I am in that piano type mood.

Alright.. more snacks, less talkie.
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Dear gods~

I have found some Michael Damian MP3s.. I forgot about him.. so much an icon of the 80s that he ended up going from music to a soap opera. (I forget which one). I am dying in the cheese. I remember when I was 5 i had a borderline crush on this guy. (So did my Uncle Joel though.. we would fight over guys all the time, including all the members of Duran Duran.). We were not pathetic per se, just products of the era that produced us.

Wow, flashbacks from the past. I did get snacks. I got a Chicken Ceasar Salad, some bagels and them some stuff to make cookies. (I know a chicken ceasar salad does not -count- as a snack. BUT I AM A VIRGO, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT.. *heh's*) Oh yes I also got some marchino cherries to put in my soda. That is a guilty pleasure of mine. Yes, I know all of you are wondering what is happening to Monster. I WILL GET TO IT! I have to finish my salad then go out and plant some trees per Alexi's request. (Even though they are probably dead. . meh)

And man even more flashbacks the song that is playing brings to me. Man, I didn't recognize it until the chorus. I remember crying to this song. *sniffles*

No more holding your body in the moonlight
Did I fall in love for nothing
No more hope of touching you, feeling you by my side
Did I fall in love for nothing
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


Well I have a fic to write for that illustrious community. Someone (other then me) requested Sigurd/Citan. So I am going to write their fic for them. *heh's* And being that Sigurd/Citan is the pairing I write the best for.. well we shall see how it goes. Now I will need a song to go along with it. (since it'll naturally be a songfic).

Now, on to more Monster

That was an update of course.. not like anyone cares.. but I know it will make teh_mina happy that I am writing more Sigurd/Citan.
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Episode 33 - 40 of Monster (GRIMMER!)~

uzukisaru, you were right. Absolutely right.

Granted I love Johan, but I think I may adore Grimmer even more. And not just because of the voice (long live Tanaka Hideyuki, Seiyuu of my beloved Citan/Jin). But rather because well.. he talks alot, he knows even more, he is as amusing as anything. You can tell how much a character is secretive by how closed their eyes are when they speak. And Grimmer is always like "^_^" it seems.

Sure he is not bishounen, not even close by regular standards.. but didn't I already say that Bishounen is in the mind. And Grimmer, well Grimmer is definitely up there in coolness level with other such honorary bishounen like Emperor Cain and Gateau.

/Grimmer Fangirl Mode
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