May 29th, 2005

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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Amanda and Kara made my jaw drop when I got online this morning.

I woke up to 66 emails in my inbox due to the Squenix Activity Check. And my jaw went down -this- far. Oh yes, it was funny, I have since recovered though, since I deleted them all with the intention of going to the actual community to check out the thread.. but still.. OMG THANK YOU AMANDA!

You made Nia-peas Jawdrop. *snickers*
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Music of the Moment Meme~

Songs of the moment meme since I was tagged by darknightrain

Upload the five songs that you are currently digging on, and allow your friends to download them and comment on your suckyGREAT taste. Then tag five more to share in the painLOVE.

These are the songs that I am currently digging on. *heh's* Download, comment on my eclectic music.. and the whatnot. (These are in no order)

Expose - Season's Change (80s) (Victorian!Hyu glomped onto this for some reason)
Tomoko Tane - Broken Wings (Ending song of Trinity Blood.. beautiful)
Rufus Wainwright - Hallelujah - (The person who sent me this song knows who she is and knows how much I love the song.. another Hyuga/Sigurd song.)
Better than Ezra - At the Stars - (A little something for Jin and Chaos)
Buck-Tick - Dress (Bloody Trinity Mix) - (The intro song to Trinity Blood which is the fucking sex.)

People that I am tagging

1.) divinecomedy (Is there any question I would ask Amanda?)
2.) jurhael - (Since I always enjoy her music taste)
3.) fennin - (When you get time, I don't want to stress you, Emily!)
4.) hemlocke - (Because your taste in music just rocks)
5.) fox_reed - (Because yet another one with impeccable tastes)

6.) shuufish - (For when you get back to the states you had better do this!)

And anyone who wants to do this is free to do it!
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Shake it shake it dancing~

I've just looked through my C-box.. and I've noticed the disturbing ammount of semes there. I have never really went back to look over them until just recently. I mean I do believe that most of my guys are switches.. but fandom wise they are usually more popular as tops then bottoms.

Jin, Aizen, Touya, Kurogane, Soubi (Oh but we know he's an uke to Ritsuka but..), Bakuya, The Count, Franz, Bart (Well okay when paired with Billy he is top.. I despise people though that make him look all girly WHEN HE ISN"T), Hisui, K, Muraki, Tatsumi, Inui, Fuji, Oishi, Oshitari, Citan (To Fei of course.. ), Shigure, Hatori

Granted I do have the ones who are fandom-wisely more inclined to bottom.. like Hyuga. (Whatever Mr.I-FUCKED-SIGURD-WITH-A-WHIP-HANDLE), Watari, Oriya, Ayame. But they do not number so much as all my semes.

*Note: Nia is leaving out ALOT of muses since they are probably in hiding, due to the fact that they don't want Nia to remember them

No wonder why it is so fucked up in the muse box. They are all fighting with dominance. *coughs* Ever single one of them.
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Agenda for tomorrow~

Tomirrow I watch more Monster. All the way up until Grimmer. Because my obsession with Johan is not healthy and I need to concentrate on someone else. (Jin/Citan's Seiyuu. *coughs* *waves the Hideyuki Tanaka flag*) Grimmer will make me happy in the pants just because I'll be like.. MMMMM CITAN'S VOICE.

Yes, I am obsessed.. but then did we doubt this? (Come on people.. anything even remotely traced back to Xenogears/Saga has me coming faster then a train at dawn) As it is I am going to sleep.

I hope that Mish has fun in London tomorrow, I am going to miss her but I know she will have a blast. And well the muses are starting on some writing pieces for Mish that she may chew on whenever she gets a chance. Hyuga is having too much fun planning his slave costume. *eyes Hyu*

I also have plans on getting her obsessed on KKM and all sorts of lovely things when she gets back to the states. *rubs hands together* And the music, oh the music.. and Loveless. (Needs more Loveless.)

Good times to be had by all.

She is always in my thoughts and in my prayers. That's what sisters are for after all, hmmm.