May 25th, 2005

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~She made it easy, she made free.. made you hurt til you couldn't see~

The first time it happened in YEARS.

For the first time in years.. there is NO ONE online on my AIM buddy list. 200 people on that thing and NOT A SOUL! *dies* (I pared it down from 400 last week.. even though the people I IM regularly appear at the top of the list)

Wow, that has not happened since I was a peon on the intardnet. (B/C the intarnet is sirusly business..)

We shall celebrate with a Muraki milkshake.
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~And slowly you come to realize.. it's all as it should be~

Episode 25-28 of Monster cannot download FAST enough. COME ON I WANT TO SEE MORE. I love how this series makes you both scream out characters and then at the same time go, "Damn it so-and-so.. you so fucking rock!" to the same characters you screamed out but like a few minutes before. So Eva is not the big bitch I thought she was, Dieter rocks, I still want to marry Tenma... and Lunge.. well the jury is still out on Inspector Lunge.

Find out about Monster Here

Download the torrents Here

And if anyone has the first ending song for Monster (Full verison).. please please please send it to me because I need it. I already have the full intro song. But I did not care for the song at first.. but then gradually I started huming along and singing before the lyrics roll.. "And slowly.. you come to realize.." and it just kicks so much ass.


YAY.. now to watch some Loveless.
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