May 11th, 2005

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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Dr Tenma + Gun = WIN!

Yes, when he pointed his gun at that rabbit guy in episode 10, I think I fangirled. I have a thing for gun-wielders. -_-.. or sword wielders. Okay damn it, weapons are hot!
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~This is the Story of his Life~

How to watch the Majority of Gankutsou in 2 days. Oiya oiya. You have not really seen Gankutsuou until you've watched it all in 2 days. As much angst as the anime affords, to watch it all in two settings is like the angst bat getting turned into an angst WALL. And now because I am feeling particularly happy and nostalgic, I will list my favorite characters and why they are my favorite characters.

1.) The Count/Edmond Dantes. I love him because I am always attracted to the elegant characters in anime. His motivations woo'd me, the way that he carried off his revenge with panache and style. I can identify alot with the Count and I even have an Edmond Dantes muse tucked in my mind. (He will not play to any Albert.. if any.. I prefer playing my Count to Andrea.. or in a het situation, I will admit, on the second watchthrough I was sort of pulling for The Count and Haydee. (thank you, silverwinged.

2.) Franz. Okay, in the anime canonically bi without being flamboyant about it. Nice to a fault, concerned about his best friend.. loyal beyond all doubt.. self sacrificing. I do not normally like blondes. (though I seem to be contradicting myself in the blonde department if my recent tastes will be believed). But his overwhelming love for the clueless Albert touched me.

3.) Haydee. Yes, the sweet and gentle Janina princess. What is not to love about her. So concerned with the Count's well being, so intent on trying to save him at the very end. I definitely like her type. She is my next wife. (Along with the OS-Tan Windows 200 Professional girl). Not to mention she's just so petite and cute.

4.) Andrea. He is the wild card. I love him because he has a cause, but he's fucking batshit insane when he goes about doing it. I love the batshit insane types generally. (though my love for the rationale and slightly sneaky overrules all). Andrea is Nia=approved.

The series just makes me happy in all sorts of ways. Oh yes, and Tobita Nobuo in that role of Baptistin proved how absolutely versitle he was. And so now I have much respect for him. He goes from a happy peaceful Guardian of Water to a polite doctor with a neko-tan smile and scapels to a rough speaking elvis-hairstyle wearing, leather clad servant to the Count.

Alright, that was my fangirling over Gankutsou. Thank you all for putting up with it. *heh's*
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