April 12th, 2005

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~The Nyquil Monster attacked~

Because I am a loser (and a trifle sick) I took some Nyquil and then promptly passed out from 7:30 pm to 11:41 pm. So now I am groggy.. and I had strange dreams about Victorian Sigurd and Hyuga involving the carriage house and red candle wax. (Thanks Mish.. *thuds*). I also need to turn off the cooler, since I woke up and turned it on in my drug induced sleep. Of all the times I had to get a sore throat.. I hate sore throats, they sort of bite. (and hurt)

I had a fun conversation of sorts with proftodd over AIM. In which we talked about Shion, GS Campaigns and AMVs for Xenosaga.. (I did manage to sneak in some Jin-speak of course.. since Uzuki ass = TEH BEST 455 y0!)

After I exchange a few posts with Flik-mun from Squenix, I'm going to bed.. -_- Yes, again.. then I'll be up at an insane hour as well. -_-;

First I need to toss off some required emails. *thuds* And ponder the image of Chaos with ribbons twined up his legs and chest and arms. Yes, I've just made my Jin-muse very very happy.. pervertedly so. It's rather bad when he is moved by such images and it will be noted he's never had ribbon sex before. =_=;
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Hikaru no Go.. the Anime~

Happy.. of course I am. I definitely adore Hikaru and Akira.. and I would like Sai alot better if he wasn't wearing that scary lipstick. (But Sai still does rock, especially when he goes 'hai', which is fricking adorable). Hikaru no Go.. making me into a chanslash fangirl one day at a time. (Don't you just want to squeeze Hikaru's cute little cheeks. I swear!)

Now to find the intro and ending songs for the anime.

I also have an episode of Gankutsuou to watch. (EPISODE 24 OMG)

Edit: Yes Sai is the most adorable thing EVER. *snickers* I'm only on episode 2 but I'm definitely loving him.
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

(no subject)

Oiya oiya.. pass the nyquil please.

This is not getting any better.. well my limbs aren't -as- achy, but I still feel like living shit. So now I am going to get into my jammies and tuckle into bed because damn it, I want to. Yes it's early, but I've been taking naps all day.. ALL DAY. I passed out twice today on the computer, and well I think that this nyquil is staying in my system alot longer then I had anticipated damn it.

Piffle, I'm whiny.. and when I'm sick I have no no countenance whatsoever to smut, it's hard to want smut when you feel like you're constantly coming out your nose. (that's right sickos, that's what I meant.)


/No I am not cute.. PSSSFFFT


P.S: Mish.. both Hyuga and I want to see your Sigurd in This

I giggled, and Hyuga just about had a nosebleed.. it was sad. -_-