April 11th, 2005

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Random-squeepantage of the day~

You know, I just recieved the coolest compliment from llamajoy

I was telling her about how I considered one of the people to really 'inspire' me in the Xenogears fandom and that I thought of her as one of the best writers of Billy out there, (And of course she did inspire me, it was her, myaru (aka Amber Michelle) and the Technomancy girls that really have my mad props...)

And then she comes back and tells me that she looks up to -me- in the fandom.. and I was just speechless.. and then she told me that whenever she thought of Hyuga, she thought of me.. and that just wow'd my socks off. I think I might wibble now. *hides underneath a table and blushes majorly* It's nice to know that some people think I am important in the 'gears' fandom.. really it is. (Even though I know I'm not...).

*goo puddles yes*

I know I am not the master of all things Hyuga.. (I would share my title with reynardfox) but I would like to think that when people think of Hyuga/Citan.. my name is one of the names that come up.

Which reminds me, I updated shitan.. gods I'm glad I got that username. I was surprised no one had taken it. >.< As I had only apped for it like last month because I was curious to see if it existed.
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


If you haven't already, vote in Tuesday's Lyric Poll. I will be putting up the song sometime between midnight my time and tomorrow.. don't know when though, it is whenever the mood strikes. I am glad that everyone enjoys the lyrics voting, I will admit that it is nice not to go by song titles sometime... it really is what appeals lyrically wise.

Just got done from doing taxes, the guy that helped us was very nice. He immediately remarked on the fact that I was a virgo when I gave him my birthday. Not many -men- do that so I've noticed. Alexi was making goblin faces at the tax office.. (real mature, I know.. what can you expect from a 32 year old?) And I was itching to go out and get The Count of Monte Cristo but I didn't because I didn't want leave Goblin Face in there by himself.

So yes, highly amusing stuff for all. >.<

Oh yes, I woke up insanely early. ROCK! Also thank you umegaki for sending me Tomomasa's new song. *cackles* Oh that so rocks. It's personally not one of Tomomasa's better songs.. but it's decent.
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