April 7th, 2005

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Nia's Final Impression of Sukisho.

It is not a strong series in my mind, nothing can right now beat Gankutsuou... however it was decent. Theoretically there were only two reasons that had be watching the series past the 4th episode.. and that was Nanami and Shinichirou. Not to mention Matsuri was also giving me a solid secondary reason. Now granted, it -was- better then Gravitation. (in my mind.. as usual opinions in my journal only reflect my own sphere of like and dislike.) But I have nothing better to compare it to. I do have high hopes for Loveless though. (we shall see though)

Favorite Character: Shinichirou
Second Favorite Character: Nanami

Favorite Song (op/end): None really struck me.

Favorite Side Storyline?: The Valentines Day Job.. where the Do-it-all Team try to hook Nanami and Shinichirou up.

As you can tell, my whole enjoyment of the series revolved around Nanami and Shinichirou.

The ending seemed a bit rushed, I am thinking that if they had started on the serious stuff an episode earlier.. it might of given then a bit more time to concentrate on the end. I do admit that I did get a bit of end wibblies though. So that was also a redeeming quality. So it did mean that I did get a bit of emotional involvement into the series. But my overall impression remains very similar to uzukisaru's.
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~I wanna taste you but your lips are venemous poison~

The realization that out of the first 20 songs on your playlist.. 7 of them could apply to Muraki Kazutaka.. well that is a very lowering thought... Does that make me a twisted person.. or is all the fucked up songs trying to scoot toward the front in order to mess with my head? However I have so far seven songs to narrow down for my FST. this'll be precious, I already know this *groans*... right now my Oriya muse is rummaging around.. I think this FST might be run by him, as strange as that sounds... that is all we need.. an FST created by Oriya for Muraki. Oiya oiya.

A few people have high expectations for my Muraki FST.. I fear disappointing them. *hides*

Excuse the spamage.

Damn it, "This Could be Love" by Alkakine Trio is SO perfect for Muraki.. and yet, I cannot use it because it was used in the last FST done for Muraki. *bangs head against the keyboard*

Edit: It's evidentally time to go to bed when I am listening to "Candyman" by Aqua and getting images of Muraki luring Tsuzuki out with a giant lollipop. That might just have to go on the CRACK side of the FST
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~Rant about Nausicaa.. Xenogears and other things~

I have to say that "Nausica: Valley of the Wind" is a damn good movie. *grins*

Of course Alexi called me shallow becaues he was like, "There is no bishounen in Nausica Nia, you won't like it.. " and I was like.. "Damn it Alexi.. I am not shallow.." and then I pointed out that some of my favorite guys -weren't- bishounen. (Like Viktor, yay Viktor..) and then he apologized for calling me shallow.. and then a little while later I was like, "Dude, can you see up Nausicaa's skirt"..

Then he sporfled.

That was my good anime fix of the day. *hee's*

Now granted, I am all for some well placed bishounen.. but I cannot go without my storyline or plotline. Even though I know some people might think so, I do need a well thought out plot, I need to connect with the story.. or else the game/anime means absolutely nothing to me. I have to emotionalize with it, I have to feel it at my core. That was why Xenogears was such an awesome game for me.. because 1.) The storyline was just.. there are no words. It has spoiled me for everything else game wise. Angst, Drama, Romance.. a little text heavy but I'm a bookworm so it didn't effect me nearly so bad. Most of the characters I loved, and if I didn't love them, I at least empathiazed with their plight.. canonically wise, the main relationship of Fei and Elly was played up -very- well. The deep religious overtones brought me to my knees. (not with the love of god though.. *heh's*) and the heavy reincarnation themes made my heart squeak. Forever Xenogears will hold a special place in my life. Not because of it's mad bishounen skills. (Though I will maintain that the only -true- bishounen in that game is Billy.. the rest.. are either Biseinen or ruggedly handsome..) But because through it's story, it touched me in just a little way.

I am on my 11th playthrough of that game right now.. Right now at the Tower of Babel.. mmmm difficult yes, but the music rocks my socks... I think that motivates me on that section.

So now I'm going to wander about online. How is everyone this evening?

Which reminds me shuufish, Victorian (not including Fei and Citan) = 39,459 words / Independant = 64,771 words

I haven't bothered to see how many pages it is.. but it's long! *huggles* We really should be co-writers or something like that..

And this icon.. I could stare at it forever. Saru does some good stuffs!
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(no subject)

Poll #470427 Music for the Masses

Vote for the Saturday Download!~

"Once You've Tasted Love" by Take That (Boy Band)
"Red Room ~Garasu no Hana~" by Klaha (Jrock/poppish)
"Where the Streets Have no Name" by the Pet Shop Boys (80s.. yes yet another cover)
"Lessons in Love" by Level42 (late 80s synth)
"Angel Dust" by New Order (80s Synth)
"Kaze mo Sora mo Kitto" from Sailor Moon (Anime)
"In the Absense of the Sun" by Duncan Sheik (90s Folk/Easy Listening)
"My Antartica" by Duran Duran (90s)
"One Caress" by Depeche Mode (80s/90s synth goth pop)

Even if you don't intend on downloading, just vote for something everyone.. last time the vote was a very close tie.. sooo.. anyways. Yes, I'm in a good mood.
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~1st Episode of Loveless~

May we call Junko Minagawa 'shota-bait' right now. Because that's the type of characters that she ends up playing.. however despite his youth, I really -adore- Ritsuka.. and I definitely think that him and Soubi make a very cute couple. (Don't get me wrong, I could also dig me some definite Soubi x Seimei x Soubi action) but I like just the overall aura of -awe-. It really goes against the grain of the normal pairings that I gravitate. (i.e both the males looking at least equal in age.. and/or way over the age of consent. *Examples: Roy x Hughes, Sigurd x Citan, Laguna x Kiros, Kakashi x Iruka, Gwendel x Gunter ).

But now we may expostulate on the wonders that is Soubi. His voice is definitely breathy, reminding me of Hidenobu Kiuichi..(but I know that isn't his voice).. and definitely his voice sounds like liquid sexual sin come to life. I love it. I like the intro -and- the ending, both songs when they come out in full versions, I am definitely nabbing, not to mention the art style was very clean yet hauntingly beautiful.

Oh yes, I also like that there is boobies. That is one thing that I did not like about Sukisho. The fact that I -needed- boobies. (Ritsuka's little pink haired friend.. has boobies enough for the ENTIRE school). It's the lesbian in me that demands some femaleness. (Gods bless Winry, Lust and Hawkeye for being there to tempt my eyes with yummyness.. especially Winry). So this series has all the gearings for being for me what I wish Sukisho could of been to me. (But what which fell so drastically short.

And if anyone wants to know.. yes I -do- have a Soubi muse.

And some eye candy for my friend's list... *heh's*

- Soubi very gallently kissing Ritsuka's hand

- Soubi smiling in a very Citan-esque way

I know my friend's list won't mind the pretty plastered all over their friends list.. so enjoy, and drool. ^_^
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