March 18th, 2005

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~MP3 Request~

Does anyone happen to have the ending song to "Kannaduki no Miko"? by Kotoko. Preferrably the full version. I really want it. *is watching the series right now*

Okay so I haven't been caught up on the storyline yet... but damn if I don't think it's intensely pretty.. and Oogami Sama.. I LOVE HIM!

lovenaru, Thank you for "Agony"

I appreciate it. *much love yes*
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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As it works for everyone.. in my mind, there is no one that has better musical tastes then I myself do.. it will always remain that way. Music is a personal thing and it touches the listener as see fits... that is why everyone is going to think their own respective musics are the shiznits..

I'm just lucky though to have great musical guides as lostangelssong, kurohyou (even I can thank her for something), littletrowa, divinecomedy and shuufish. They tuned me into alot of music that I probably would never of gotten into on my own. Oh yes, not to mention all the good people at teh_music.

Extra Note: fennin OH NOES XENOGEARS CREID AND YASUNORI MITSUDA R TEH DIFFERENET, INVU and YOUR VAST CORNICOPIA (i.e 1234328754456456) OF MP3 evn tho ITS THE SAME SONG AND U CAHANGED THE SONG TITTLE OVER X 1234328754456455 TIMES!!!!1111 (ZMOG A JOKE.. *for all of you who are not aware.. I and the Uzuki Household joke around about this -all- the time.. thius is not directed at anyone but at a conversation that we were having.. which now involves a bottle of tranquilzer and bouncy walls.. SEE*

Geisha Memorias: The walls are cushy!
Geisha Memorias: They give great.. bounce
BartSmash: :D
BartSmash: boooounce ho ho ho
Geisha Memorias: Yo h0 h0 and a bottle of tranquilizer)

Edit: Damn me for removing the background tags for some of my music.. so now I have to go and rewrite them.. so that they will show up on Audioscrobber. *thuds*

My Scrobber.. it sounds so naughty
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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I think I might be in love with The Count. I mean like alot. I still need to ponder iconage. I -will- have a Count icon.. damn it I swear. Mmmm blue...
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