January 27th, 2005

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Groovin to the sound of Inoue's voice right now~

You know what I find amazing?  the fact that the secThat song has to be on everyone's wish list.  But I'm happy with my Home Made Kazoku since "Thank you!!" is such an AWESOME song

Baralai really digs this song, it's cute.

I am amazed at how he is developing.  He was a bit.. docile a year ago.. but somewhere he has developed a fairly strong spine and a measure of spunk.  I think that potentially the only one who can get away with telling Nooj that he's an ass is Baralai and Gippal.  And it's rather cute.  (Because Baralai does it often)

In other news of note.  I turned in my application for Wal-Mart. *would love to work in the Electronic's section*ond ending of Bleach Made it out before the official song for the 1st intro of same anime. 

Damn it, now I want more Bleach
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    Inoue Kazuhiko - Meguri Aeta Kiseki o Shinjite
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Baralai love for all~

Nooj and Baralai should not be allowed near a chess-board.. because I have a feeling it's just going to get bad..  I'm surprised that Nooj hasn't started throwing pieces everywhere. X_x in retalation of Baralai.  And oh if Baralai isn't messing psychologically with Nooj. *shifty*  This is gonna be interesting...
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