January 25th, 2005

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~The random aspects of our lives come together once in awhile~

I shared the crack with dissonanceburn tonight, I sent her the Tiki Room Song and we proceeded to get it stuck in her Nooj-muse's head.  While Baralai laughed.  Then Yo-kun and I did a random story RP for the Elements.. with myself playing Jesiah and Hyuga and herself playing Sigurd and Kahr.  They just convinced Hyuga to let go of his alchohol limiter.. and so the real drunken-ness starts.    I don't know why Hyuga let go of that neutralizer, I have a feeling that it is not going to end well.. X_x  Mainly because Jesiah has a camera in his pocket.

I am starting to yawn majorly, I might start to hit the sack

Thanks to everyone who sent me ambient music today.  I really appreciate it.

And as for this new icon.  This is my stfu icon. (since I believe everyone needs a stfu icon.)  I would use Oriya.. but Gwendel looks so.. indignant. X_x  Gods I love Gwendel.  He makes me all sorts of happy.    Him and Kaidoh.. definitely seperated at birth. X_x

For everyone new to my FList.. welcome! *waves*  Hope I don't drive you all batty! *snickers*

The next random music update will be on Wednesday.

--Wednesday Pick----

I just rolled a number between 1 and 30.  The number and the same numbered person who comments on this post will get to choose the song to be featured on wednesday from my playlist. (example, I roll a eight, and you are the eight person to comment.. well you get to pick).  Double postings will not be counted.

(Number has been picked! ^_^  Start commenting! )
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


You know you can tell alot about a person from which types of lyrics they seem to like and/or quote.  So I'm going to showcase the first 10 english (or japanese that I understand) songs on my playlist.  A lyric is what usually reels me into -why- I keep the song on my playlist.  Just a single lyric more often then not.  I have a weakness for a cleverly turned phrase.

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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My speakers died!

Surround Sound Speakers.  R.I.P:  You gave me four years of audiogasmic joy.

*puts in headphones* The sound quality is not the best.. but it will suffice. -_-
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~A Rant~

If you are a die-hard yaoi fan, I suggest you do not read this.  Or wait, I am a die-hard yaoi fan.. in the sense that I'd rather read it above everything else.. but okay if you are a RABID fan then do not read this.  This coincidentally was written by a yaoi fan.  As any of you on my flist know.

Things Nia Hates about the Yaoi Fandom

There are many things I hate.  Okay so I will admit that there was a time when I was like, "OMGPRETTYSLEEPTOGETHER" but that was a long long time ago.. and in the ensuing time I grew a brain which I am now very fond of.

Once again to clarify, I love yaoi.  I love boy sex, boy's love, porn.  Whatever floats your boat.  When I RP, my guys are very rarely of the sort to sleep with women.  I will never IC have my guys sleep with a woman, and het RP.. only if you are very special to me. X_x  And I want to make you happy.    However the yaoi fandom is a pit of voles as alot of you realize.  There are excellent people in the fandom... excellent writers, people who share the same like-minded opinions as myself.  But every once in awhile I get a bit of hate in my system that I just need to dispell.

Nia's H8 #1:  Weepy!Ukes.  Okay this is my biggest pet peeves.  I hate the girlyfying of men period.  My favorite bishounen, are such bishounen who would never act in such a way.  I pride them on being exactly who they are.. strong, intelligent individuals.  But often times I see them portrayed as sniveling girls without babymakers.  (And even then some of the fanfictionists push that envelop.. damn MPREG.).  A man can be beautiful -and- strong, emotionally calm and serene.  If you are going to give bishounen feminine characteristics.. then give them ADMIRABLE ones.  Like empathy, intuition or a nurturing demeanor. (Pets my Magus Bainbridge).    Don't have them whining all over the place.  It's just.. no.  Hell even I wouldn't go out with a girl like that.

Nia's H8 #2:  Let's get rid of top, bottom, seme and uke all together.  What about that?  Equality is good.  So many times I run into RPers who can only play bottoms and the whatnot.  You know what I say to that?  Better get versitile.  I absolutely will not play with anyone who cannot play both ends of the spectrum.    Most of my favorite pairings, the guys are equal on a certain level.. even in my favorite pairings where it doesn't look equal. (like Clavis and Lumiale)  I believe in a healthy dose of switching.  It makes it more fun.  I will never say that my characters are strictly so and so.. because that's not playing fair.. at least not with my muses.

Nia's H8 #3:  Smut is good.  But characterization is BETTER.  And the excuse that 'they look good banging together' does not count.  I will be the first to admit that I love my smut fics  (Hell, I am the moderator of yaoi_smut_fics, I'd be a hypocrite if I didn't like them) but come on.. start getting your libidos out of a gutter and start writing those introspective fics.  You like two guys together.  Start giving them reasons to be together.  You'll find that the ensuing smut will be well worth it.. as you've taken the opportunity to have your characters -be real- in all aspects of the words.

Nia's H8 #4:  Yaoi is not 'teh pure and true love'  Sorry to disabuse your notions, but most yaoi is some pretty sick and twisted things.  Anyone who thinks it is pure, is far more messed up then I could even begin to imagine.

Nia's H8 #5:  Female bashing.    Not all females are horrible.  There are a few examples that I will not enumerate, that sort of make me want to spork my eyes out.  But no, women are not teh evil and preventing your guys from getting it on.    I happen to adore Yui..  who is married to my favorite character, who in turn in my mind sleeps with Sigurd.    I find Yui to be a wonderfully intriquing character, and her and Citan's dynamics are wonderful.

Nia's H8 #6:  Real Homosexuality = Yaoi.      That is the biggest crock of BS that I'll post here.  No, it is not.  Yaoi is a female's version of homosexuality.  A female's interpertation of -any- sort of relationship is fucked up.  Hell, I should know.    But then essentially, yaoi is a big fantasy for females to drool over.  Enough said.

Nia's H8 #7:  Yaoi Hater means Homophobe.    No it does not.  It just means that they dislike what they dislike..  just because I dislike het does not mean that I hate heterosexual people.  If that was the case, being that I am surrounded by heterosexual people constantly, it would cause me more problems that I would like.

There.. that's been my hate for the day.  Feel free to respond if you wish!
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