January 23rd, 2005

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

FST Ramblings

So many songs to fit into the Citan and Sigurd FST.. how do I do it?  Well it's really hard for me to narrow down songs.  So right now I have the title of the FST.  (which is a secret) and one song currently.  That leaves 15 songs.

So what I do is make a list of songs that I know would fit them.  There has to be an even balance of Sigurd to Citan songs as well as Citan to Sigurd.  Not to mention there has to be Jugend Era as well as Current game timeline.    And so the fine art will be touching upon imageries that I want to convey.

I was to convey the passion, the deep abiding friendship.. the duality... I want this FST to bring to life my love for them.    Put it up as a shining example of -something- that I look up to.

Does that make any sense.  And mostly in this FST I want to convey how perfect I feel they are for each other.

Once again.. if you want to create an FST of your own.. or even look at all the FSTs that are going to be created.. then I strongly encourage you to join the fst community.
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