November 30th, 2004

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Come buy a cococonut...~

This icon is what I get when I listen to "Lhasa" and try to think of what to put on Maes Hughes' icon. *thuds*.  Citan is vaugely jealous now. *mrrhs* Oh well, he shall deal. And I love this song. It conveys everything that I want it to.
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Oh dear god...~

Excerpt from the RP Kuro and I are doing...

Deus Ex Mun: Roni turned from looking at the angels to Mathias and grinned a bit as he finally recalled what he'd remembered learning. He couldn't help but take in that beautiful face and the way that highlighted hair  framed Mathias' face. "Well, it is said the legend was actually written by an angel before he died.. That there were two angels of water and fire who were lovers. The water angel was raped by a demon after being tricked by the angel of sickness and cruelty and was to be condemned from heaven. The fire angel however took the blame and one of his wings was severed and he was left on the earth. The water angel watched over and became the lover of the fallen angel with the promise that the fallen angel who lost his memory may never look on his face.. however curiosity won and he did, and for it the water angel was similarly condemed... after twenty seven years of searching the fire angel found the water angel and then finally the water angel wanted to try flying.. and together they learned that even with one wing they could fly if they did so together... So that is the backstory to the one winged angels.. " Roni explained.

Tear Venus: "That has got to be.. the most beautiful.. story.. I have ever heard.."  He murmured as he took another glance at the angels, his hand moving to twine into Roni's as his breath caught and held.  "I.. what happened..  do you know what happened.. did they fly happily for many years to come?"

Deus Ex Mun: Roni felt the fingers twine with his and nodded. "Indeed... beautiful but tragic.." he shook his head softly with a faintly grim look. "I do know their fate.. however it was not a happy one.." He gave Mathias' hand a soft squeeze before explaining. "They did fly together.. but it lasted only two years before the Angel of sickness and cruelty found them and visited upon them a punishment once again. He reported them to the gods who after deciding that the angels should die a suffering death also deemed that the angels be cursed to reincarnate forever.. meeting every life time only to be torn apart just as they would touch, find eachother and that happiness once again. And so the angels were cursed with a slow killing illness that plagued them for their remaining lifespan which was shortened by the disease.. and it's said that since then they wander from life to life surviving on what little times of happiness with eachother they can steal in each lifetime before the gods snuff it out once again."


We are playing with the Nisan era.  Mathias is the incarnation of Citan's.. and the first Guardian Angel of Solaris.. and Roni.. well he goes on to propigate the entire Fatima line.. (and Sigurd)

That just made me sob. *thuds*

I am such an angst whore. X_X
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

Citan Uzuki FST

Posted up at fst as well.

FST stands for Fan-Sound Track.  Go there for all the details.  However I was privledged enough to be able to make the official FST for my beloved Citan.  And here is what I came up with.  (Downloadable Music under cut.  Comment if you snatch any of them.)

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