October 22nd, 2004

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Poll #370800 Saturday's Music Update

Vote for Which Song You Want to see on the Saturday Download!

"Can't Fight This Feeling" by REO Speedwagon
"Reminiscense" from La Passione Suikoden Vocals
"So Long Suicide" by Duran Duran
"Candleburn" by Dishwalla
"Tobira no Mukou He" from Full Metal Alchemist
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Premier Amore~

Once again I encourage you all to vote in my music poll ---> Here if you have not done so.    I am surprised that Duran Duran is pulling through like it did though I would say that personally I am pulling for Reminiscence from the La Passione Suikoden Vocals.  In fact that was what my vote was for.  It's just a beautiful song.  Of course I highly recommend -all- the songs on the poll since I do not keep a song that I am indifferent to on my MP3 List.

Tonight I have work which is always a fun activity.  Weekends are especially fun for me.  I <3 working at a movie theater, I really do.

I also need to finish my "I Like The Way" songfic.  And polish it up. It's a belated B-day present for the GF... *moos* 

Explanation of icon:  Well it started with a litle grey little heart border.  And I was like to my roommate, "I'm doing something wrong"

And then we observed the little grey heart border and then I said, "Gee, I need to figure out lyrics for him.. something happy."

"What about "Peace & Love INC;."  Alexi suggested.  I about lost it.  So I had to use that.  And then as I started to work, the rainbows came to me and I further proceeded to emasculate Uchiha Itachi.  (In a purely snarky way of course)

I am pondering opening an icon journal.. but my icon skills suck. >_>  And who would use my icons.  No one.

So anyways.. parting words before I go back and read my friends lists.

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Oh.  Dear. Gods

I just watched Inoue Kazuhiko singing Gekkabijin and I think I have OFFICIALLY lost it.  My fangirl came out in full force.  *is still watching it as I type this*  Inoue is the pure sex..  I have decided that.

Now.. where can I get ahold of the Neo Romance DVDs.  Oh gods I need. -_-  I need it SO much.

Dear Inoue,


<3333333333333333333333333333 NIA!!!

P.S:  Plz do the thing with touching your chest! ^^____^^

(Marcus will probably write a response to this in comments.. *heh's*)
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~Been madly burning CDs~

Mainly for kurohyou, I am going to have the package ready to send out by tomorrow.  X_x  Or by the very latest monday.  That is my goal.  Now I'm copying PoT for her.  All of the episodes I have so far. ^_^  And then after this, the two eps of Harutoki that I have.  *giggles* 
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~MP3 Trade.. perhaps~

I am currently looking for the 1st opening song to Prince of Tennis.  Anyone who has it and can send it to me first.. will get me to send them any song on my MP3 list.. no questions asked.

So if you have it, the first one to leave a comment saying they will send it gets any song sent to them from :: Link:: Here ::Link::

1.) First one to comment
2.) Please leave your email addy
3.) Along with the title and artist of the song you want me to send! ^_^

My email is onewingedhyu @ yahoo dot com

Because I don't believe in getting something without giving something back.
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~There's something about you.. baby so right..~

Tenipuri is such a phallic show.

Episode 16:

  That Snake is Unbelievable!  Can he TAKE that snake.  Oh it got past his defenses.. OMG! *several character pan shots of everyone going "OH!" as if they just got through watching Kamio and Kaidoh having buttsmex on the court.*

And Horio.. someone hand me a prosthetic cock to shove in his mouth. >_<  Anything to get him to stop saying, "I HAVE TWO YEARS TENNIS EXPIRENCE!". <--- Which is like the conversation starter between ANYONE and Horio.. with the exception of Tezuka.. because He wouldn't finish saying "I.." before Tezuka walks off boredly.

Yes, I'm enjoying my PoT downloads muchly.  Can you tell?
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~I'm like a cake that wants to be baked~

This is the last hour that the poll will be up before I close it down and put up the downloadable song ---> Here.  So you have an hour to cast your final votes if you have not done so already! *grins* *pokies everyone*

And satou_sei, since the Suikoden song I doubt will win.. just comment your email addy and I will send it to you via email. ^o^
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