October 7th, 2004

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~I'm a slave to Karma.. spin the wheel and I'm a king reborn~

Well no matter how long I waited at Moxie Java today, the gay guy that worked there serviced me with such a smile that I couldn't help but give him a seventy five cent tip.  How pathetic am I?  But he is just so cute and he has such a golden smile.  And when he said "thanks for having patience" I just all but sparkled all over the place.  (good thing it wasn't messy).    So, yes I left him a huge tip for my 4.74 frappuchino.  So sue me. *hee's*

Right now on koenma's recommendation, I am downloading Bleach.  And I am finally getting off my ass to download episode 103 of Naruto.  It's about bloody time on both scores.  Hey I need more obsessions.  Takamichi and Citan should not be left in the dark. *heh's*

*All the glasses-wearing bishy in Nia's C-box beg to differ*

*tells them to shush*

http://nekoanime.net/haruka/OPENING/007.JPG  - Takamichi

http://nekoanime.net/haruka/OPENING/008.JPG  -  Tomomasa

They must make happy *thuds*

http://nekoanime.net/haruka/OPENING/022.JPG -Mmmm more of Takamichi

http://nekoanime.net/haruka/OPENING/030.JPG  I can't get enough. *sobs*

For more of the screencaps, they can be found at The Harutoki LJ Community
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