September 13th, 2004

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Fangirl squeal~

Just watched Maria-Sama ga Miteru ~Haru~ ep 7 and I would like to say.

I love Noriko.  I think she is so adorable and I think her and Shimako are perfect for each other.

And Sei with short hair.  Oh gods, she's hot.  (But then I've come to the conclusion that Sei could be wearing a paper bag and still be undeniably sexy)

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Plotting, musing and general fan-ranting~

Wow, I have been emmersing myself in so many fandoms.  Fandoms that -aren't- Xenogears.  However the Xenogears fandom in my mind is starting to feel.. a bit out of joint.  (And perhaps jealous)  So I'm thinking I need to start writing more of that Kareoke fic for Citan and Sigurd.  I think the main reason why that is not going as well as I had hoped was because I always find it hard to get Bart's characterizations down, and this fic involves -all- the party in some way (though the main focus -is- on Citan and Sigurd)

Once again I am in love with Akabane.  That is from reading more of the Getbacker's manga-age.    Akabane and Kazuki are two of my favorite characters in that series.  (Akabane.. because scalpels are teh sex..  and Kazuki because he's so damn pretty.)  Of course I don't like them together.  Akabane is one of those guys that I would prefer not to pair up.. just because he is one of those characters that his whole =purpose= is to kill. (though I can imagine him and Ginji having some really droolicious knife bondage going on..)

Also I am glad to have inspired in my girlfreind, kurohyou's love for Orochimaru and Kabuto... her Naruto OTP (and she hasn't even seen the series yet.)  That pairing is roughly tied with my love for Kakashi and Iruka.  Though Itachi and Sasuke is crawling up there.

I am listening to "The Prisoner" by Howard Jones and I am thinking nice Sigurd x Citan bondage. *heh's*  I really should write that.. *adds that to list*

I can't really -see- Sigurd tying up Citan though.  As much as I like to see Citan bottom..  Citan is the Guardian Angel of Solaris.. so I see him more as a.. *thinks* controlling type person.  (Hopefully I am not spoiling you wabi_thyme)

So yes, Citan with a whip.. clad in skin tight forest green leather..  MEOW.. *tries not to hyperventilate*

Also Sora and I have been messing around with the Riddles again.  Riddles and Bainbridges to be precise.  It's so much fun.  Poor Dae..  being the hidden desire of two Riddle men.  The demon is strong.. and desires fluffy Bainbridge sacrifices. -_-    Because since I'm not going into UO that much..  Sora and I have decided to RP over AIMs when we can get a chance.. so that we can continue our storylines. X_x  Which are weaving together wonderfully.

Which reminds me, kurohyou and I should work on original Sylvia more. *mrrhs*  Perhaps tonight, if she is around.  I know that I have to work today.  I'm charging up the cell phone though, so I'll be utilizing phonage.

I should do a muse spotlight.. *hurms* *rummages around*

Original probably.

Alright here are two muses that are in play currently.

Dae Bainbridge and his twin sister Eve

They are the twins born to August Riddle and Magus Bainbridge.  The UO timeline for them is around. *thinks* Right after Magus cast off the Riddle ring, he all but left August.  Turned into a female and went into a hiding.  August as the Riddle Beast found him and raped him.  And hence the twins were born.    Of course right now Eve is training to become the Head of Riddle House while Dae is doing his scholarly thing.  He's recently been going over to Advachie Riddle's house and using the library there.. however secrets lie in that Riddle Estate, along with a plot concocted between his sister and Advachie. 

Dae and Eve.. inspired because of their names.. I expect August and Magus to have another set of children and call them Morning and Nyght.
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