September 11th, 2004

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~My misfortune never looked so sweet~

Back in August, 2001.. this was my playlist. *eyes it*

Here is what is on my WinAMP playlist currently. Songs I highly recommend.

1.) Gackt "Vanilla"
2.) Fushigi Yuugi (Yokko Kanno) "Ashita no Watashi wo Shinjitai"
3.) Placebo "Every You Every Me"
4.) Placebo "Pure Morning"
5.) CCS "Catch You Catch Me"
6.) L'arc De Ciel "Blurry Eyes"
7.) Akemi Saito "Destiny"
8.) Placebo "Slave to the Wage"
9.) Placebo "Taste in Men"
10.) Unknown artist "Fall into You" (Japanese techno song"
11.) Magical Knights Rayearth Theme song
12.) Oh my Goddess Theme song
13.) Ranma "Piece of Love"
14.) Placebo "My Sweet Prince"
15.) Bakuretsu Hunters theme song "What's up Guys"
16.) Weiss Kruez theme song "Velvet Underworld"
17.) Megumi Hayasabara. "Successful Mission"
18.) Placebo "Black Eyed"
19.) Placebo "I know"
20.) Placebo "Bionic"
21.) Primitive Radio Gods "Standing outside a broken phone booth with money in my hands"
22.) Bjork "Bachlorette"
23.) Take That "How deep is your love"

Now it is Nia's MP3 list..

Though I've added some stuff to it so it isn't exactly current.... -_-  Mostly a bunch of Naruto songs
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