August 30th, 2004

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered




Let me tell you that episode fucked sincerely with my thoughts.

I squee'd, I laughed.. I drooled over Sei and Rei..  went Yatta when Rei was sneaking hints to Yoshino and then the end of that episode I FUCKING LOST IT!

Man.. this is my current obsession.. this and Naruto. *teh sobbies*

Indeed..  Virgin Mary watch over us all.. *sniffles and grabs kleenex*

Edit: *must.. download episode 8.. now*
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Belated saturday post~

I figured that I should probably do a real entry now.

Well as you all know, yesterday I went down to Boise to visit with duokinneas during one of our little gatherings.    I hadn't gotten much sleep the night before. (didn't get much sleep today either.. but that is because kurohyou called and woke me out of bed.) and so I woke up around 10:30 on saturday and I was like, "YAY! SLEEPY BUT YAY!" and then I burned some music for Talyn.    Unfortunately I did not get much burned.. but that is alright, she has the current music (aka Modern Talking, Fancy and Bad Boys Blue which she digs).  Then I set off to Boise in a merry little haze to which point you guys can check my past phone posts for applicable stuff since I was phone posting on the drive there.

I got there around 12:15 and I with much ceremony went to go pick up Talyn.  We did the usual hi's at the front door and then we went to her room and I waited while she got ready.  She looked really cute in her skirt, I will say that much.. and I was the majoring factor in telling her to wear knee socks. X_X; (*is not a pervert.. swears*).  I had previously told her that I was taking her out to lunch, so we were going to do that before we decided to see where our fangirling would lead us.

We went to the mall.  The episode in which Nia has to deal with asshat Boise drivers.. YAAAA~AY!  No really, some people shouldn't be allowed on the road.  On the way there we both sang along to "Juliet" by Modern Talking and thereby we both sounded really silly I suppose.  Then we had a conversation about Kenshin and CItan in 70s leisure suits. *cackles*  To which point I think our muses sincerely h8 us.  And *GASPOMG* we got onto the highway alright.  Our past dealings with highway matters on Broadway going west has been fairly traumatic to say the least... -_-;  Leaving me to scowl and Talyn, gods bless her cute soul, to curse them out most emphatically.

With much pomp and ceremony we went to the mall and immediately hit the food court, deciding on the Panda Express, and then Talyn -forced- me to choose what she would have.  I suggested and she took the suggestions.. which leads me to believe that Talyn will be a very easy date. not for myself but for any one that she decides on.  She just needs to remember to let them through to me first. *heh's* So I can 'interrogate' them...

We ate and had fun men bashing.  And we found out a very strange theory.

Panda Express cooks their chow mein with alternate dimensions.. BECAUSE NO MATTER HOW MUCH CHOW MEIN TALYN ATE, THE PILE WOULD NOT LESSEN!  It was wierd.. as well as the words on the panda express cups.  Mall food now will have forever wierded me out. X_x

Not to mention Alexi will forever be known as Dead Cat Pedophile Man, it was beautiful, *snickers*

Then we went to Suncoast, unfortunately hottie manga guy was not there.  But we did pick up pocky.. and all I could think of Muraki and blood pocky.  So we payed and then we headed over to Borders where we found that they had NO YAOI MANGA THERE.  You can be sure I ranted and raved.  Luckily Talyn bought some stuff and then I ambled over to Barnes and Nobles in order to see if there were such things there.  There was manga.. but no yaoi which proves to me that Boise is a pitiful place for boysmut.  Both Talyn and I ph33r Vadalia's mad skills now.  Really we do. X_x

I ended up getting as follows.

1 Vol  Hikaru no Go
4 Vols Fruits Basket
3 Vols Pet Shop of Horrors
1 Vol Prince of Tennis

I did not care for the manga Prince of Tennis.. I think I'll need to see the anime on that one. X_x

Then we wandered back to Talyn's house where I proceeded to watch her clean her room and then we settled down to read our Manga.  And right then and there I decided to cosplay as most Tatsumi -and- K at Anime Oasis. (Since Talyn was reading the volume of Gravitation with K in it)    I can't wait to wander around wearing a gun. *evil cackles*

No one shall be safe.. *evil laughter*

Okay did you all enjoy that rather pointless entry.  I'm glad!

Oh yes, I love the Fruits Basket manga! ^_^  Shigure has surprised me quite a bit.
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