August 7th, 2004

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~RO Adventures story for last night~

I've actually decided to scrape Erik and create Qualin Astarte, he is goiing to be my merchant.  Since merchants make money and well my group is going to need all the money that they can get with their wish list.

I switched between characters alot of the time last night.  First bringing in Aidan to turn the loot into storage so that Magus could get to it.  Then Magus took the money and stored it away for later.  Then Magus sent Aidan to Payon in order to help || Allen || with leveling.  And so Aidan did it and ended up getting -really- flirty with Allen which Enigma obviously didn't like.  Allen became an archer then I switched over to Enigma.

Guess who shows up in Morroc.. yup, Allen.  In fact we had a brief five minute chase around Morroc.  With Enigma screming "stalker" at the top of his lungs    And Allen making kissy kissy faces at Enigma.  Finally though Enigma for all of his theif agility gets tired and flops down on the ground.. that is when Allen puts the bow on him.  Enigma is not a happy camper. X_x

They talk, Enigma hurls insults, Allen hurls love.. it's just wrong

That is when the sandman knocketh and tells me it is time to go to sleep.  Ahh these are the days of RO...
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


Enigma Nadiir with a flu-mask and an egg-shell hat. *thuds*  He says he likes it then the purple bow
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


Well I am here to pimp another community.  It is run by rageboxalice and it is a place to discuss all sorts of topics involving books.  This is a community for bookworms and voracious readers.    And it's a place to have fun about it.  No elitist people here!


Go there and join!  &_^