August 4th, 2004

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


5 character implentation slot.  That of course means that I have 5 characters on RO instead of three.  So now added to my little database is the following.  My 5 dearest characters to me.

Magus Bainbridge
Hyu Ricdeau
Aidan Demitrius
Enigma Nadiir
Erik Giovanni.

The highlight of last night's adventuring wtih Sora-kun would be.

1.) Magus walking all the way from Prontera to Geffen to see his beloved August, and making it too. ^_^  In which point Magus and August killed stuff, the muns made dirty comments about the way they were sitting and they find a special place for just the two of them.

2.)  Enigma -tries- to walk from Morroc to Payon in order to kill || Allen ||. that doesn't work too well because a giant scorpion kills him.  Gee we know whose intentions are not pure, eh?

3.)  Erik and || Allen || train together to become archers together.  And they refer to everything as "Jellies" and "fluffies", and it's sickeningly cute.  No wonder why Enigma wants to kill || Allen ||

4.)  Hyu the corrupt little boy tries to hit on August, it doesn't work because August mentions Lycole.  And Hyu goes fangirlly over Lycole.  It's also cute.  Then August tells Hyu that Lycole says that Hyu should hang around Magus more.  Hyu blahs and then ditches August to go back to his special spot.

I also RPed with kurohyou in which tons of angst happens per usual.  And a healthy portion of smut.  I think we may concentrate on something else, because my Allaine muse is getting a bit too certain.. that and he's been the one to play for the past couple of days.  My Cs are getting restless and want to sabotage it.  Including Oriya. -_-  The damn drug addict.    We shall see though! *hurms*

Point of the story though,

RO is addictive.  All hail the chibi crack!
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


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