July 2nd, 2004

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Mental Note~

Create a Citan based Mood Theme..

Night everyone! *hugs and then poofs*

BTW Sinteria, I could not send "Feather Moon", it was too big..  you will get to hear it though eventually... just not today.
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~I thought this was beautiful~

"While Virgo's live to serve, Leo's strive to control. The Alpha and Omega of the chain, they could combine to create a beautiful child....and thus the sphinx was born. With strong logic and strong will, the sphinx could control the world....proving that the 2 forces were something truly to be reckoned with when working together. So beware the quiet lion, for it means to rule the world one day..."

Kazy posted that up in UO.. and I thought that.. well it just makes me feel happy.. because you know.. I can identify with it.
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Characters that are going to appear in Swan's Song~

Magus Bainbridge - Main Character
Schala Bainbridge
Darryn Bainbridge
Janus Zeal
Violetta Durante

I am not sure if I am going to go into the Head Mystic part.. at least in this one.    I might concentrate with this book on Magus's rather turbulant youth.

However all my Sylvia muses are really scrambling to be written about.

And Aidan wants his own book now..  I told him to wait. -_-
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Required reading~

Tonight at work when I get done with stuff I start on "The Once and Future King" by Mary Stewart.. and eventually I promise that I will get down to duokinneas's house once again to borrow Boy Meets Boy  -as well- as help her through the jumping part in Xenogears.  Because she really needs to play more of that game. X_x.  Evidentally she is still stuck in the forest. (I think).

Friends help friends out.. That's what I always say.  And Talyn really is a sweetheart, even if I can never pronounce her name in exactly the same way, I told her that by the time she starts school, I will be able to say it with ease.

Say it, "Taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalyn"

Yes, that is what I need to practice on.

Also I think that I have a -potential- romantic interest for Magus.  He is a character in my head, named "Xavier Locke" and he is Mage of Nature/Librarian at the Valdora Library.  It would actually make a bit of sense.  Since eventually Magus's son, Miles takes over the library.  But otherwise then voice his desire to help Magus grow stronger as a character, he has not revealed anything about himself.  *prods him*  He should though, I am always happy to hear about characters and the whatnot.

Not to mention the fact that most of Magus's friends will have been in Ethos at this time.. studying.    Though Patricia, she might be there.. however halfway through her term at the Magic Acadamy, she runs away and joins a band or revolutionaries.  However I am thinking she might pose a perfect contrast to Magus at least friendship wise.  Soft yet slightly shy Magus and then fiery Patricia who is a bit of an jewel in the rough.

It amazes me -how- many stories I have running around in my mind.  All the plots and the whatnot.    Characters with detailed histories and backgrounds, loves and hates, affinities and alliances.

And then I think about how they entwine.

For example before Violetta hooked up with Schala, she was seeing a certain bard by the name of Erik Giovanni.  Erik has a cousin named Stephen who has been estranged from his twin brother over a girl.  Michael, Stephen's twin brother works in the kitchens as the head chef over at Valdora Palace.  Really there is so much to be considered, it is like a painting that I cannot wait to ponder even more.
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Hyuuga and Sigrd: Round 1~

Sequal of course to the infamous Round Zero doujinshi which I also very much own.  (refer to my icon which is taken from the cover of that doujin)

And man, I think my eyes just popped out.  I know Citan's eyes were bleeding.

Citan Finger Tentacle Rape..  that is all I have to say on that score.    And the fingers have little happy faces on them.  To be reading that Doujinshi, I was like "OMG LIEK WHUT?"

Yet another thing that I will never let Citan live down.

Citan:  Do not blame me, blame the artist.

It is definitely a wild card that I am -glad- to own. *dies snickering*  Oh gods, it so needs to be scanned.. the chibi of Citan and Sigurd smutting is great.. and they actually have Citan topping a great deal... it's wonderful.  Most artists when pairing the two men, automatically chalk Citan as being bottom.

I like it.. I like it alot.. and the kisses.. are so hot. X_x  Okay enough now.. *puts the doujinshi on my bookshelf*
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


The characters for Swan Song (or rather characters that will appear..)  Most of these pictures are the closest I can -get- to what they look like.. the pictures -do- capture the essence of them I believe. *hee's*

Magus Bainbridge  - The Protagonist of "Swan's Song"
Schala Bainbridge  -  Magus's mother, and the Priestess of the Elementals.  (The Elementals are the beings of worship in Sylvia)
Lord Janus Zeal  -  He looks rather evil, eh?  That is because he's supposed to be evil.  He is the protagonists uncle and everything that a major villian -should- be.  He is the headmaster of the "Valdora Academy of Magic" as well as the current Head Mystic of Sylvia.
Darryn Bainbridge -  Janus's second in command and Schala's twin brother.  His nature is cloaked.  He does not -seem- outwardly evil.  Is he?  Or isn't he?
Violetta Durante -  A young Mage of Nature.  Also a very close friend of Schala Bainbridge (And by close, I mean -close- *wink*)

As of yet Magus does not have a romantic interest.    I have decided not to.  For the mere fact that I need to write more of his school days.
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