May 28th, 2004

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Go ahead.. get captivated~

I do not think that words can adequately express how much I -love- that woman. And it is not because of the RP at all.. though it is fun.. it is because when we talk, when we get into one of our indepths talks, my heart glows.. and it feels like it glows -just- for her. And I can tell every time she smiles because the glow sort of pulses just a bit.

She holds the light that can withstand my cavern of secrets..

And each time we part ways online, I feel a small tweak of my heart that stays there until the moment we come back online to the world we created within each other.

She is quite honestly the most beautiful person that I know and she's healed me in alot of ways.

But I digress.. is that any surprise.

Oh yes, I managed to look at what I had written in the past.. two years ago to be exact. And dear gods, I was insane. My reason was definitely suspect back then.. but I did say some remarkably insightful things. And I realize that... so perhaps my 22nd year of life wasn't -completely- wasted.

Anyways I shall leave you all with a happy little hug from One Winged Hyu..

Someone whose -finally- found their other wing.
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~To clarify~

I am -very- excited about the Harry Potter movie.

However I am not going to screech and squeal about it. I figure when I see it, I see it. And I will probably see it two times. One with Tayln and once with Alexi.

However duokinneas, when we go together (if we go), Is there other movie theaters in Boise besides Edwards? Because if we go, I suggest we go to that. And ooh soon we'll get to meet in person and I shall borrow Yami no Matsuei and you shall be inducted into the wonders that is Getbackers. And also about last night and the email, don't worry about it. I figured that is what happened, no sweat. ^_^

I figure that with the next paycheck I am definitely going to buy myself another Xenogears doujinshi. Either that or go to JPQUeen and by some yaoi manga. I mean this paycheck I treated myself by buying "Street Lavender" by Chris Hunt. (A book that was highly recommended by zehavit_lamasu.. and I am sure I will enjoy the book.

We'll see. ^_^
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~This cracked me up~

I got a emailed comment from a sonic85 and evidentally he was checking out Dreamnest because here was his comment.

I like your site, many interesting information inside... Check out my homepage inside... Check out my homepage penis enhancement

Ah, my response to this.

You sir are just teasing me. If I -could- get a cock, I would and quite happily. But because my transgendered wishes can't be fufilled, I am stuck with the the equipment I have. DAMN IT STOP TEASING ME WITH ENLARGING THAT WHICH I DO NOT POSSESS BUT VERY MUCH LONG FOR.


People are so mean.

*Nia knows this is not directly applying to her, along with all the anon people leaving pr0n spam in her journal.. hot l0lita @ss.. yes whatever....*

On to brighter subjects.. does anyone ever get porn spam in their journal or is it just me?
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~New revalation~

Citan very much likes Chicken Caesar Salads. He's been placated after much bouts of Burger King and Jack n' a Box. (because Nia -hates- cooking for only one person)

The premade chicken caesar salad is just delicious. If this were chicken, I'd be licking my fingers.

Oh wait this -is- chicken. Well you know what I meant.
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Just to quickly pimp~

yaoi_smut_fics, for all your yaoi-fic needs.

I was looking at the community and yes 255 is alot.. but there needs to be more members and I haven't pimped out the community in a long time. So hence, yes, go.. join.. read.. submit.

I should work on another smut.

I really need some of those sex dice. That way I can roll for pairings, places and accroutrements.

[Citan x Sigurd] [Library] [Candlabrum]

Ewwwwwwwwwwww I don't want to know what they are using that shiny silver candelabrum for. X_x

*falls over dead*
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Morpheus should not be allowed out to play~

Janus Valentine - [[Some of the lesser organizations in that sector don't want to join. They need... persuasion.]]
Morpheus Caelderon - (You know, Morphy as second in command is a very scary thought. X_x )
Morpheus Caelderon - [[How many do you want me to scare? *and scare is the codeword for 'kill'*]]
Jessica Marks - (*doesnt like the idea of geting a women who hates men and a man who hates women in the same room...*)
Janus Valentine - [[*Hands over a list.*]]
Morpheus Caelderon - [[*eyes the list* *commits it to memory and then burns it with his lighter*]]
Morpheus Caelderon - (*has only seen Morpheus act human -once- and that was on his date with Visolo* Wow, two seperate individuals.. it was freaky)
Morpheus Calederon - (I mean who would of thought that Morpheus would hold the doors open for someone or be romantic.. I think he got advice from Janus.. -_- )
Morpheus Caelderon - (I mean that is the only thing I can think of that a beast like him would know -anything- romantic. -_- )

[[*kills Nia*]]

Janus Valentine - [[*Tacks a note on Morpheus's door*

How to please a man*]]
Morpheus Caelderon - [[*has put out cigarrettes on spasming victims in their death throes.. has no use for romance*]]
Morpheus Caelderon - (OMFG THAT WAS FUNNY!)
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