May 20th, 2004

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~RPing with Kuro brings out the.. dirty in me~

Of course I got this idea from Anne Rice's Beauty Series.. but here's the opening of the RP we are doing.

Pure Smut. Enjoy

Hyuga was only in the Sultan's presence for a little while before he was whisked away by the harem master, with the promise that he would have Hyuga delivered to him after the feastings end. Most harem boys could go straight to the one that chose them, but Hyuga's case was a little different, he was set to -please- the Sultan, and likewise it was no ordinary task. Hyuga was taken straightaways to the baths and was promptly bathed in a luxorious bath of green tea and milk to make his skin absolutely beautiful and then he was dried off, his black hair stroked and dried until it hung silkily over his shoulders.. then he was bidden to set down on a platter, and that is where the true art began. For the assistants started to build around him a absolutely luscious assortment of fruits and candies, gold was painted all over his back and legs, flavored so that if one should lick, it would be of chocolate and vanilla that one was tasting. And then very painstakingly his legs were spread given some cushions to support them and then he was liberally stuffed with fruits, nuts and candy bathed in honey, a vertible treat for the sultan. Finally once he could not be filled anymore, his thick and at this point hard cock was bathed in honey as well, and a cock ring was slipped onto his length in preparation, so that he would not come all over the fruit. Once the preparation was done, 4 strong enuchs picked up the platter and started carrying it to the Sultan's quarters.
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