May 14th, 2004

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


Every. Muscle. In. My. Body. Aches.

Damn DDR has created a monster.. and I -can't- stop because of the undeniable urge to MASTER the damn game.. so bear with my my legs shall be sore for a few days.

I have to work tonight at 8:30 and I am quite possibly working til Midnight. Because "The Passion of the Christ" is playing and I decided to work for it again. I swear that movie, very macabre from what I've heard. And I've peeked in only to peek -right- back out.

I might write what I said I was going to write. But I dunno.. *thuds* I need to go to the base really quickly in order to mail something off to Alexi, something that he forgot.. and oooh today I can call duokinneas or actually I can't.. because of my work schedule... however tomorrow is good to go.. *whee's* *yay's*

Now to get dressed, right now I am only wrapped up in a towel, sitting in front of the computer screen because I suddenly felt the urge to type.

And once again modestly, I must say.. my writing skills are NOT all that. ^_^ *directed to rocaille*. I am going to insist that you are better then me no matter -what- you say, and you -are- so don't argue with me cuz I'll argue with you right back.

Though you -are- right about kurohyou, she's a treasure, I will not fault you on that one! Of course I already -know- that.. and I think I tell it to her at least 10 times a day.
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Your the best thing, all about me~

I am glad we got that cleared up. ^_^ I feel so much better. And I realize that I really had nothing to worry about. *chews on pocky thoughfully* And Kuro and I are now having fun just BSing online. Not RPing, just talking and doing comforting and reassuring stuff. She's like my hot chocolate. ^_^ And hot chocolate always makes you feel good.
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