April 10th, 2004

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Recap of tonight's gaming~

kurohyou and decided to play around with the original Citan and Sigurd since she and I hope all around the Xenogears timeline. And we brought it to a year after the fall of Deus and their seperation because of the fact that Citan had a wife and child and he was guilty and knew it could not continue past their journey. However Yui comes to Sigurd at the one year anniversary of the Fall of Deus and tells Sigurd that she -knows- about the fact that he and her husband are in love and that she does not mind it.

That makes Sigurd happy, he tells Yui she is a wonderful woman and then he wanders off to find Citan in the japanese garden section of the palace.

And Citan is there.. and he sees Sigurd approach and smiles a bit hesitantly. Sigurd tells Citan what Yui told him and then they were about to kiss.

That is when Kuro and I decided that she should go to sleep.

Citan and Sigurd muse were -not- happy. They were downright sulky,

But they will deal.

"It's a blue, blue moon tonight
I let my angel down
It's a blue, blue moon tonight..
This king has lost his crown"

I so need to see Trouble Chocolate.. but that shall be saved for another day. -_- Maybe I should motivate myself to watch Getbackers.. yeah that would be nice, wouldn't it.

I love it when people try to piss me off and realize that they -can't-. That is what was happening with that one Afterthoughts person. She was trying to rile me up and couldn't.

I am too logical to be ruled by hurtful jibes. I usually consider the source and then shrug it off. Perhaps I even get a medicrum of exultation from being rather elitist with people such as them.

I -am- like Citan. I am a loyal friend, but I am a powerful enemy.

It is the scorpio in me.
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Parting note before I head on to bed~

Here is my playlist.. I just hit 1600 today.

The breaking song was "Pretty Boy" by M2M suggested to me by kurohyou

Nia's Songs of the Heart

I am willing to do file transfers... since this is AOL now and AOL didn't like it when I transfered music. Adelphia is so much more forgiving.. I will love anyone that is on cable or DSL though. *heh's* Speed is good.

My tastes are eclectic at best.. I like everything from Japanese to 80s eurobeat/disco.

Just look through my playlist and you'll figure out what a freak I -truly- am.
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Same deal as yesterday~

I will be back between 10:00 and 10:30 tonight.. so wait for me. *snerks* Oh yes I have tomorrow night off. *meeps*
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