March 22nd, 2004

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Thank you~

A thank you goes out to bikun for posting her stuff up there at Dreamnest, as you can see there is some stiuff from YYH and Hunter x Hunter.. among other series.

How did I find her.. well I was browsing through Yaoi Shrine's fic archive and I saw Mina Lightstar, and I was like "That's Bikun!" And then I badgered her to post her fics. Because I am mean and I used such stuff as coercion and promises of cake and bondage.

That worked.

*cracks that whip and gets out that ballgag* PLAYTIME!

And the fact that I am -typing- this to Morning Musume is -wrong-
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Xeno-drabble time~

Pairing: Everyone, repeat after me. Hyuga and Sigurd. This should be a staple being that Sigurd and Hyuga/Citan is my OTP. For all of you that do not like the pairing, gomen for cluttering up the board.
Fandom: Do I really need to say?
Warnings: Other then a truly horrible joke about Omnigears and Gear shifts.. absolutely nothing.
Challenger: kurohyou
Challenge Word: Pyrotechnic
Scenario: Jugend Era.

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Why I love Kuro as an RP partner~

1.) Tons of OOC ramblings.. I enjoy that.. I enjoy characters going IC/OOC. I enjoy plotting and just doing crazy things. That Jusenkyo Spring of Drowned Hawt Man was definitely a beautiful one.. or the Crimson Squad = PPG, and the Rocky Horror Picture Muses.. *heh's*

2.) She is not afraid to get down and dirty in the smut. I mean I almost face-palmed with glee when Sigurd came out and told Hyuga to use his whip handle. That just made me squee with pleasure and naughtiness.

3.) She is not afraid to talk mean to her muses. *snerks* We do it all the time. I find her C abuse very endearing.

4.) Multiple orgasms. HELL YES! I mean you have to have the appetizers in there. right. *snerks*

5.) The plot bunnies/parasites just keep flowing and flowing because our minds are mulch piles. YAY.

6.) Ghost milk, it does a body good.

7.) Waffy moments like the Angel Renactment of the Nisan statues.

8.) Baralai and Citan getting raped by Seymour and ID.. I don't know -why- that makes me happy.. it just does.

Citan: Sick sick sick women.. *sweatdrops*

Shut up Citan, this is my journal. Not yours.
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