March 21st, 2004

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Companion fic to Sunrise~

I really need to figure out a song for the club-sex scene with Citan and Sigurd.

Let's see the list. (And if I could find the translation for "Temptation" by Harisu, I'd use that). I really want a song that is retro-y, being that it's really been 12 years since Citan and Sigurd had been teenagers and back at Jugend.

I want it raw.. because this won't be the happy little lovey dovey smut that "Just One NIght" was.. this is going to be.. all out. *heh's* I am in the mood for something horrendously smutty.

1.) "I Remember Holding You" by Boys Club. (It has that hot steamy sound to it... I want sensuality.. deep sensuality.. a very hot club where the smell of sweat and sex is apparent..)
2.) "Save a Prayer" by Breathe (The Remixed version of course)
3.) "Breathe of Life" by Erasure. (Because Erasure was a big thing in the 80s club scene)
4.) "Candy Man" by Aqua.. (no of course I am -not- going to use it.. I just put it there because I think really dirty yaoi thoughts whenever I hear it. *snerks*)
5.) Hey, queenofhearts, totally OT but did you know that now I cannot hear the song "When the World Ends" Without thinking of Sigurd and Citan. *hugs* You are a dear..! *hee's*
6.) Back to the list....
4.) "Sometimes" by Erasure. (Really the beat has to be something you can fuck to.. that and I like the lyrics to this song..)
5.) "Was It Worth It" by Pet Shop Boys. (what is more retro then PSB? *snickers*)
6.) "Love Supreme" by Robbie Williams is tickling my fancy.. of course I've done that song for quite a few songfics.. so I dunno.
7.) "Chained to You" by Savage Garden would be a -nice- song to do. That is probably up in my top 3. Not retro-y but nice to fuck to... *heh's*
8.) "Another Day" by DJ Encore feat Engelina.
9.) "Banca Banca" by E-Type.. but only because I just got the plot bunny for Citan and Sigurd -salsa- dancing.. that just gave me nice goosebumps. *shivers*
10.) "Calling Your Name" by E-Type.
11.) "I Just Wanna be With You" by E-Type
12.) "Bolero" by Fancy (I just like the desperation in that song.. desperate sex is fun)
13.) "Chinese Eyes" by Fancy is a nice song and if it wasn't about asian prostitution, I'd use it too.
14.) Japanese Girl" By Fancy. (Why didn't I think about this!!!)
15.) "Geisha Dreams" by Rollergirl.
16.) "You Spin Me Around" by Thalia (not by Dead or Alive) would probably work too.

Now to imagine the perfect rhythem.. *furrows*
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Another Writer's Urge~

I also have the strange urge to write a FFX-2 fic set to "Small of Two Pieces" from Xenogears. Probably a Nooj and Baralai fic.

Mainly because I already did a Xenogears fic to "1000 Words" and I think they could be companion pieces of sorts.

I would probably tie it in with Nooj x Baralai and Shuurin x Ademus because they are ancestors in me and Kuro's RPs.

Not to mention Kuro and I noticed that Nooj x Baralai and Citan and Sigurd look -quite- a bit alike. Scarily alike.

All Nooj needs to do to become Citan is get paler, thinner and have darker hair (not to mention the Inventor glasses) and all Baralai needs to do to become Sigurd is grow his bangs out, become buffer and sprout an eyepatch and get contacts. *snerks*
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Song picked~

"Japanese Girl" by Fancy (I love rubbing it in that it isn't by DJ Mystik but rather Fancy. *hars*

Because I always wanted to do a songfic to that song.. being that is my favorite nickname for Citan.

Geisha of Broken Hearts
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~My body's burning like a flame that's blue~

You know, when I first downloaded "Slice me Nice" or "Lady of Ice" by Fancy, I really didn't care for them.. but then I liked the Turbo Dancer Remix which has those two songs as well as "Bolero" and "Chinese Eyes" mixed in.. and I really -like- the words.. so I might be downloading those two songs and giving them re-listens.

And Alexi is buying me that Crimson Squad Wallscroll. X_x

So habby!
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~There's a glass art within my heart~

Hyugalis and Siguriel are so.. well cute.

We are playing their first incarnations -ever-. Two angels.. the Angel of Fire and the Angel of Water.. we also managed to bring Midori into it. It is cute. Right now they are chasing a star across the heavens and we are playing it so that they will reinact the one winged angel pose in the Nisan Cathedral..

Two angels cursed to repeat forever because they defied the gods with their love.

It will be beautiful. *snrufles*
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