March 19th, 2004

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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The same person that did the song "Japanese Girl" (which most of you know is the song that is both -my- song and Citan's), also did a song entitled, "When Guardian Angels Cry"..

I soooo need to get my hands on that song. >_<

Not to mention that "Bolero" also fits Citan and Sigurd.

It's like this singer was automatically -thinking- of Citan and Sigurd -before- the fact. I'm impressed. ^_^
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~The Name Game~

If you call me:

Nia - You are most of the population
Prince Nia - You are either Michelle or the entire population of Utopia Orbiting.
Hyu/Hyuga: - You are those that are convinced that I am a male.. (which by all rights I am.. at least in spirit)
Geisha of Broken Hearts - You are me.. and therefore you have been a bad girl for typing in third person.
Tanya - You are my parents and my immediate family and chances are I won't come when called.
NiaBiaBear - You are Mel...
Brat - You are Dimitri and therefore probably not worth my time.
Punkin - You are Alexi or were my grandmother
Virgo - You Athena whom I have not talked to in -quite- a while.
Bitch - You are my cat Laguna.. in which case I sincerely hope you don't have a LJ.
Nia-Love - You are Kuro.
BondageSeraph - You knew me from Blurty
Angel Nia - You knew me from the start of my LJ existance.
Schalalalalith - You are Draecus from Lunar Valley
Schala: - You are Goose or Mud
Soul Sister: - You are Viv or Jesse
Baka Brain - You are Angue in response to me forgetting that she called me "Ni-Chan" *snerks*
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Angel Eyes, you mean the world to me~

There is nothing like 80s eurodance. That and the fact that I really like the group, Fancy and now have kept over 6 of their songs, I think that warrents mention in my user info under music. Hey you never know when someone eclectic will come around and go, "Hey, that person likes so-and-so, damn that's rare but cool!"

Really great group. This is going to mentioned about until probably I finally get bored with downloading music from this group... so I hope you guys can tolerate my music ramblings. You all know I am driven by obsessions and fandoms.. and I think that's probably what makes my journal so amusing.. because then you can go, "Look there's the loser, Nia! So pathetic!" *snerks*

Of course nothing can beat the song, "Japanese Girl" which just rocks. (Though Chinese Eyes -does- come close)
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Burn me, love me.. beat me to the ground~

Oh dear. *bangs head against the good old desk*

Disco, Citan and Sigurd and Fluffy Bunnies do -not- mix.

Don't ask me where I got that mental image.. I blame it on the 80s Eurodance I am listening to. *just clasps hands over my mouth*

*walks to the back and just flops there.. snerking hysterically*
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


Pairing: Sigurd Harcourt x Citan Uzuki
Fandom: Xenogears
Challenger: kurohyou
Challenge Word: Pyrotechnic
Scenario: Jugend Era.

"Flames of love, flames of love
I'm drowning of love
And enough is never enough."

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Where Muses Fear to Tread~

Citan: Nia is in the mood for some death and destruction.. you know what that means.

Jeriah: Noooo.. *grabs Ramirez and doesn't let go* I shall not be interrupted.

Citan: *has been interrupted.. oh.. 3 times now*

Thad: I shall never get to play.. *gnaws on cookie*

Baralai: *does not have to worry.. is already dead* *purrs*


*eyes the muses* One of the muses are going to get screwed over tonight.. be prepared. *heh's*

Muses: *so----obs*
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