March 18th, 2004

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Father forgive me for I have sinned~

I have a feeling that is going to be the predominate theme for the Xenogears RPs that me and Kuro are doing. I can just see it with all the scenarios. I think the first -death- actually will be the setting tone for everything, what with Father Sigurd impaling himself on the Nisan cross.

Yes, that's me... perverting my sense of religion further.. one day at a time.

Oh yes, welcome to my journal,xhi though I have no clue why you added me, I hope I amuse you and I added you back after perusing your info. ^_^

I haven't found any new music, I think it is because I have been so busy yesterday that I didn't bother -looking-, but I promise I will give some of your recs a listen to today everyone. *yawns* I think I am in serious need of caffiene. -_-
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Song Recommendations~

Today I am going to pick five songs to recommend to you and -why- I recommend them. This is of course for all the people who have recommended stuff to me. (and I appreciate it! ^_^ Definitely going to dive into more of that Birthday Massacre stuff that fox_reed suggested.

1.) "Midnight Sun" by Duran Duran. The song is from their Medazzaland album and it is a really sad song. It starts out with a really melancholy violin-like instrument.. and it just makes you feel.. distance I suppose. Simon's voice is also disjointed.. but then Simon's voice would sound good -any- way. *is biased toward Duran Duran.. can you tell?*. Really there was no -bad- songs on Medazzaland.. except for maybe the first one which we shall entitle "Nick's little Acid Dream"

"You and I
Don't always fly
Let me go I wanna fall
Deep into the dark..
But I'll come back to you..
And I'll know how to find you
Cause you shine like the midnight sun."

(You know, on second thought.. that song.. kurohyou, that could definitely be Sigurd and Citan's death song for the -regular- RP... especially when they are falling from the heights that we decided.. and the blood flowing out to form wings. *snerks* Okay enough of my morbidity.)

2.) "Dear Angel" by Olivia Lufkin. This is of course in japanese but it is my waking up song. Olivia Lufkin has such a -pure- voice.. I mean, her voice is definitely that of an angel. After hearing this song, it will -always- compell me to download -anything- Olivia when superpchan or the other music journals have any of her stuff loaded up.

3.) "Aitakute" by Kishimoto Hayami. I like the spanish guitar in this. Of course my weakness being a spanish guitar in music. If it is in japanese and it has latin beats or spanish guitars.. you can be guarentee that I will probably like it. Only reason why I kept (I think it stems down to the fact that Duran Duran uses spanish guitars in "Ordinary World" and that is my melancholy song. I like melancholy yes.. so it only stands to reason that I would do the whole "guilt by association' thing that I am so fond of.

4.) "I Will Be Here For You" by Michael W. Smith. Yes this is a christian artist, but this is a secular song and I love this song.. I guess it is because it is so damn hopeful. I am a born romantic at heart, I believe in chivalry, I believe in treating women like how they are -supposed- to be treated.. (like goddesses), I believe in all the happy love love stuff that the radio spouts on about.. (unless of course you are BSB and N'SYNC, then I just call you whack.).. of course to my credit I also believe all the dark and morbid angsty stuff.

"I will be here for you
Somewhere in the night
Somewhere int he night
I'll shine a light for you...
Somewhere in the night,
I'll be standing by..
I will be here for you.."

Products of an over-romantic imagination. -_- Next song is probably in order.

5.) "Ship of Fools" by Erasure. Because I <3 Erasure. I think it is for the fact that Erasure is Depeche's Gay Cousin. I mean to even -think- that Erasure came from Depeche Mode, it is hard to believe. You listen to Depeche Mode, the first album and you can -tell- that Vince is still in the group.. because the lyrics are so.. happy. "I Just Can't Get Enough" has Erasure written -all- over it. This is one of Erasure's sadder songs though... because even gay people can be cynical and non-rainbowy! The entire song speaks for itself though.

"You were the baby of the class
You didn't know that 1 and 1 were two
Two and two were four
You were the baby of the class,
So young and so uncertain..
Suffer little children..
Oh what a poor soul."

Well those are my recommendations for the day.. or however long these recs shall stay up Most of it is not too cutting edge, merely comfort fare for me. All my playlist is comfortable.. and it takes an act of god literally for a song to get on my playlist. -_-

Oh look! It's Sigurd and not Citan.

May the world end now! *snarks*
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Fire in your eyes, burning twice.. love me with your chinese eyes~

Well, I am feeling better. Pizza is on the way and candy is stocked.. we also have movies to watch while I idly wander in and out online. Have so much to do, that and Kuro is going to be online soon.. that means more plotting n' stuff. I should get a soda and sip on it. I swear, I am such a pussy when it comes to pain of any sort. -_-

My Citan muse is disturbed at the newest additions to my music that are going to affect him.

"You chain me like a slave,
You drown me with your waves and more..."

That just inspires so many Sigurd x Citan ficbunnies involving water and bondage.

ASK ME HOW! *heh's*

I am sorry to everyone who thought that I actually posted Citan bondage. ^_^;;; However Ashley promised me the picture that she made.. evidentally Citan tied up. Remind me to kiss that girl. X_x

Duran Duran needs to hurry up and come out with their next CD. -_-; I don't think I can wait.. *sniffles*
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