March 14th, 2004

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~If you can't get a girl but your best friend can.. it's time to move your body~

Alright so I am awake after dreams that Citan muse pestered me with while I was asleep. However I remember specifically telling kurohyou that if I was ever booted off real late, not to wait up for me... especially when it got to be the early morning for her. So I was like, screw it and went off.

Hyuga-sensei is still -trying- to forgive me, he needs his pot of green tea first unfortunately.

Oh but the mental images were just too good... *snarks*

Citan: You are going to hell, and I shall be there to wish you bon voyage.. *grumpy*

So anyways Kuro, I got yet another vision of another of their past lives for the RP. -_- It is one that will allow you to use that -one- picture of Sigurd. The one with him wearing glasses and what looks like a casual suit. Yes, it came to me while I was drifting off into the muse-free land of slumber.

Now I need to finish the Surf-holiday drabble. Almost done though. I am certain that it is going to be -way- over 1,000 words. And all from the girl who won the gag award in senior english class, the "Unable to write more then 4,000 words on -anything- Leo Tolstoy Award". Damn I wish I still had that. ^_^

Tonight we should give Sigurd and Citan a rest. Perhaps play with Nooj and Baralai.

Citan: But we were in the middle of a very important and classified scene and I am afraid that it is not possible.....*is cut off by Nia*

Citan, who holds the strings here.. yeah, I thought so. *snerks*

I am somewhat expecting them to form a union sometime or another. -_-. The "Muses against Kuro and Nia Alliance"

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Yet another drabble~

This is going to be crossposted at hyuricdeau and perhaps animedrabble when I get the time.

Requester: fox_reed
Pairing: Sigurd x Citan (though this is a family fic.. so Midori is in it too)
Challenge Word: Chomp!
Length: I never -follow- length. One rule of drabbles I'll probably always break
Scenario: Island Getaway.. with a twist. (hence why Midori is there)

And look, the song that Fox Reed suggested to me came up when I was posting this. It must be an omen.

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~It's you and I alone here, and I need you~

Time to make my Xenogears fanfiction folder.

Because I think that my writing so much for the fandom, all the pieces need a place of their own.. either that or perhaps I should just create a "Drabble" folder since that seems to be how my mind is working. Ficlets. Gotta love them.

The next one to work on is the PyroTechnics in the Jugend Era courtesy of kurohyou
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~gackted from random poking in wingzer0angel's journal~

~Name A-Z artists and a song in your media player. You get to chose what to share with the world. Well LJ land any-hoo.~

*A* Alizee ~ Moi Lolita
*B* Baby Vox~ Change
*C* Chihiro Yonekura ~ Watashi no Yuki
*D* Duran Duran ~ American Science
*E* Erasure ~ Ship of Fools
*F* Fukada Kyoko~ Saigo no Kaijitsu
*G* Go West~ You Will Do For Love
*H* Harisu~ Asura
*I* Iwao Junko ~ Hurt
*J* JD Harding OC Remix ~ Daughter of Evil (Chrono Trigger)
*K* Klaha ~ Taiyou no Ori
*L* L'arc~en~Ciel ~ Caress of Venus
*M* Masami Oki ~ Kiss in the Dark
*N* New Order ~ Close Range
*O* Oda Kazumasa ~ Kaze no Machi
*P* Pet Shop Boys ~ Don't Know What You Want
*Q* Queensryche ~ Silent Lucidity
*R* Rick Astley ~ The Love Has Gone
*S* Sarah Brightman ~ The Second Element
*T* Take That ~ Every Guy
*U* Utada Hikaru ~ Shiawaseni Narou
*V* VNV Nation ~ Beloved
*W* Weiss Kruetz ~ Velvet Underworld
*X* Xenogears ~ Lahan
*Y* Yaz ~ Only You
*Z* Zazael ~ Reborn
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