March 3rd, 2004

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Song for kurohyou~

"So miles away from nowhere
And the wind doesn't have a name
So call it what you want to call it
It still blows down the lane

People tell me I haven't changed at all
But I don't feel the same
And I bet you've had that feeling too
You can't laugh all the time

And if the fire burns out,
There's only fire to blame
(hold back the rain)
No time for worry because we're on the roam again
The clouds all scatter,
And we ride the outside lane
We're on our own so please,
Help me hold back the rain

So what if the words ain't rhyming
Did you think that it's just a game
I probably didn't even say that right
And I really don't give a damn

Okay go off and wander
I'm guilty just the same...
Sometimes you're needed badly
So please come back again.

And if the fires burn out
There's only fire to blame
No time for worry because we're on the roam again
The clouds all scatter and we ride the outside lane
Now on my own so help me please
Hold back the rain.

And if the stars burn out,
There's only fire to blame
No time to worry cause we're on the roam again
The clouds all scatter,
And we ride the outside lane..

Hold back the rain..
Hold back the rain...

"Hold Back the Rain" by Duran Duran.
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Come Undone.. the live version.. rocks~

I have noticed that with Duran Duran, their live versions of anything are just as much a treat as their album versions. That is just me. I downloaded the live version and it has more of a hard undertone as the album version. Both are very good... and Simon Le Bon, if I could just -fuck- his voice, I would. He has consistantly proven time after time that he can make tragic and obscure lyrics completely sexy.

So at any rate, I think that I am going to try to scrounge up some more Duran Duran 'live' stuff.

I also had a dream where I was dancing with Sigurd. Oh gods is Sigurd a wonderful dancer.. I am not sure if it was my wedding or not. I might of been Citan because I saw Yui in the dream. Part of me wondered why I was not marrying Sigurd. And then I was like.

"Oh yes, he's probably with Kahr."

It was a nice fast beat though.. no ballroom dancing. I think I made an idiot of myself out on the dance floor.

I think Sigurd got into my mind after teh whole "LET'S PIERCE CITAN'S BELLY!" situation. Ah but now Sigurd has marked Citan, I think it is damn adorable. It shows Citan exactly -who- is the bitch.

Citan: *glares at Nia*


"Tourniquet" by Evanessence is dying to be made into a songfic. I can see it as a Jeriah image song especially when he dropped the bomb on Zeboim. I swear one day I will fictionalize the various lives of Hyuga Ricdeau and it will be -just- as good as "Heaven Can Wait", (big dreaming, eh? *grins*).

You know when Episode II comes out, I am going to try to find a guy that somewhat resembles Sigurd and I am going to try to pair him up with.. *drumroll* Jin. Oh but once again I ramble. -_-

"I came over your place today
In a roundabout sort of way
Nothing holding me,
Just the company..
Gentle killing the afternoon

Don't ever try to be any more
Michael, you've got alot to answer for.
You unlock some of the doors to my soul."

I love that song.

It is of course a Duran Duran day evidentally because that is what has come on quite a bit Oh yes and I will be forever convinced that "Michael, You've Got Alot to Answer for" is a song about a homosexual relationship. -_-

Hear that?

That is the sound of me falling down the rabbit hole.
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Wow, imagine that! ^_~....~

Anime Bishounen Match by c_chan
LJ Username:
Favorite Number:
Your Match:Citan Uzuki (Xenogears) <---- TEH S3X
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

He -is- teh s3x

Citan: Zion should of never taught Nia how to 'doctor' those things.. everyone shall be doing it after awhile.
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Songfic in the making~

I am currently making a songfic, a decidedly smutty one featuring our Good Doctor and his First Mate lover. ^_^ It is continuation to "Sunrise" and it is set to the song, "Bailamos" by Enrique Inglesia. And of course it is all thanks to my very special muse, kurohyou. *kisses to her muse* She seems to be the leading inspirational factor in songficage.

That also means that I am not allowed to stop -listening- to that particular song until I finish it and get it up for human consumption.

Ah, the bonds of sea and fire. -_- I love it.

So anyways keep on a lookout for hawt Bledavik dance club smut. *winks*
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